How did DJ Pencil die? Tshwara hitmaker cause of death explained


 How did DJ Pencil die? Tshwara hitmaker cause of death explained

The Amapiano & Bacardi industry has lost another soldier Dj Pencil : (Mr. Tshwara/Suna papa) DJ Pencil, the composer of the Tshwara hit and a forerunner of the piano sound has died. Pencil, whose real name is Sammy Moripe, was a part of the Pencil & Zingmaster Barcadi duet. Keep reading to know what happened to him and Dj Pencil cause of death in this post.

DJ Pencil died: What happened to him?

Another blow has been dealt to the local music community with the passing of Sammy Moripe, a musician from Bacardi and one-half of the combo Pencil & Zing Master.

Sammy Moripe, one half of the combo Pencil & Zing Master, was a musician for Bacardi. His passing has brought about grief in the music community. At this time, it is unclear how Moripe, sometimes known as Pencil, died.

Although reports of Pencil’s death have not yet been verified, there have been several responses on social media, particularly on Twitter when the account @KasiEconomy tweeted about it.


Dj Pencil cause of death

The veteran artist passed away yesterday after battling cancer. He was revered as one of Bacardi’s finest assets until his passing, and it was his contributions that helped create the Amapiano sound.

Another Barcadi artist from the Pencil & Zingmaster Barcadi duo, Sammy Moripe, has passed away in Pretoria. Sammy Moripe passed away after fighting cancer for almost three years, according to sources who replied to our DM.

“While being treated in the hospital, he passed away from cancer. By 6:15 PM, he passed away “Source: Kossyderrickent was informed.

His friends and followers have paid tributes to the late artist on social media.

Cutjolicious SA 

Eish, I don’t know how many times I failed to meet up our studio appointments to work together but I believe one day will meet and work together in heaven, rest in power @Dj Pencil.

Fanicar Bila Bila King

Rip Dj Pencil  Ama piano Hit Maker Serope Ko Ntle Hit Maker. The veteran artist died yesterday after battling with an undisclosed illness. Until his death, he was regarded as one of the greatest Bacardi assets whose contributions gave birth to the Amapiano sound.

Premier K. Cooper

Sad news, Rest in peace to Dj Pencil. He gave us good music back then, featuring his homeboy Zingmaster. They gave us Tshwara in 2017 and Vuk’uzenzele ft Riky Rick.


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