How did Naonobu Fujii die? Japanese Volleyball player cause of death explained

Naonobu Fujii
Naonobu Fujii


Naonobu Fujii, a Japanese volleyball player who also played for Toray Arrows and the Japan men’s national volleyball team passed away. Let’s see how did Naonobu die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Naonobu Fujii die?

Naonobu Fujii aka Nakkun passed away on March 10, 2023, at the age of 31. This sad news was announced by his team, Toray Arrows on social media. 

Volleytrails posted the tribute for the player, Fujii. The statement reads,

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Naonobu, affectionately known as Nakkun, who was a beloved member of our volleyball community. Nakkun passed away on March 10, at the age of 31. His club team, Toray Arrows, announced the news of his passing.”

He was named as the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship- Best Setter in 2017.

Who was Naonobu Fujii?

Naonobu Fujii, a Japanese volleyball player who competes for both Toray Arrows and the Japan men’s national team, was born on January 5, 1992.

Fujii was born and raised in Miyagi, Japan, where he attended the volleyball-oriented Furukawa Industrial High School. 

He developed a passion for the game and later joined Juntendo University’s team. In his spare time, he likes outdoor activities such as cycling.

The Tohoku earthquake’s tsunami destroyed his family’s house. His father had lost his job as a result of the disaster. 

At one point, Fujii was placed in a position where he might have to sacrifice his desire to play volleyball. With the support of his family, Fuji managed to fulfill his Volleyball dream.

In September 2021, Fujii made the announcement that he had wed Miya Sato, a setter for the Hitachi Rivale club and the Japan women’s national volleyball team. 


Fujii moved on to play setter for the Torray Arrows after graduating from college. He was chosen to play as number three for the Japan men’s national volleyball team beginning in the 2016–17 season. 

He competed for Japan’s men’s national squad in 2021, and the team placed seventh overall after 29 years of competition at the Summer Olympics. 

Naonobu Fujii cause of death:

Naonobu Fujii died after battling cancer. Fujii revealed on February 27, 2022, that he had been given the diagnosis with stage IV stomach cancer that had spread to his brain.

Fujii, a Japanese setter and Olympian from the Tokyo Games, announced on his Instagram page that he had a stage 4 stomach tumor.

The captain of V.League team Toray Arrows explained that he developed sore eyes after one game at the end of last year and that his symptoms haven’t subsided for some time. He learned he had cancer at that point.

“When I was hospitalized for various factors, I was found to have stomach cancer. Eye symptoms appear to be affected by cancer metastasis from the stomach to the brain. There may be more metastases. From the above, I’d like to report that I’ve been diagnosed with: stage IV stomach cancer,” Fujii posted last year.

The sportsman added that he would put volleyball on hold while he concentrated to overcome the disease.

Tributes flooded on social media after the demise news of Fujii broke out.

Condolences to Fujii:

Siatkarskie oko posted,

This is very sad news. At the age of 31, Japan’s national team midfielder Naonobu Fujii, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March last year, has died… Fujii represented the national team in recent IOs.
Rest in peace!

aly tweeted,

Toray Arrow’s official announcement about Nakkun (Naonobu Fujii) who passed away last March 10 at the age of 31. I would like to express my deepest condolences to Nakkun’s family and Toray for their loss.

N 石川 tweeted,

“Naonobu Fujii, member of the Toray Arrows men’s volleyball club, passed away on March 10, 2023 at the age of 31. I cannot bear the sadness of losing a player who was the center of the team, including his personality, and who was expected to play an active role in the future.

dinatrn tweeted,

Rest in Peace Naonobu Fujii. It’s not sick anymore.

deen tweeted,

Hes still the first ever setter i know when i first jump into vb, rest well up there Naonobu Fujii, u will always be remembered.


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