Sledding accident: Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr dies tragically in Colorado, What happened to Prairie central student athletes?


Sledding accident: Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr dies tragically in Colorado, What happened to Prairie central student athletes?

Illinois teens die in a sledding accident at Copper Mountain: The Summit County Sheriff’s Office says two males on a spring break vacation passed away after a sledding accident on Sunday. It’s very painful for us to announce the passing of these young, gifted star athletes with lots of talent. Read on for more information about what happened to the teenagers and how Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr tragically died in Colorado.

Sledding accident: What happened to the teens?

The two adolescents, ages 17 and 18, from Prairie Central High School in Illinois, were on spring break when they launched from a sizable snowbank at the bottom of the halfpipe while riding tandem.

A single plastic sled, which is not permitted on Copper Mountain courses, was being ridden by the teenagers. Also, this happened after the resort had closed its sections.

The two young males involved have been identified by the boy’s school district, which has asked for prayers for their family. Their names from the death inquiry have not yet been made public by the Summit County Coroner. According to reports, the men hurled themselves off a sizable snowbank at the foot of a half pipe after riding in tandem down it.

Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr were identified as victims

According to the sheriff’s office, they crashed into the ice below hard, inflicting blunt-force wounds. The teenagers were given medical care right away, but they were unable to be revived and were declared dead. Dylan Bazzell and Drew Fehr are the named teenagers.

Summit County Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of those who were hurt in this unfortunate incident.

What did the police confess about this tragic incident?

As stated by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, everyone should always follow safe snow-related activity habits and be aware of the dangers involved. A set of guidelines can be found below the registration for Copper Mountain’s snow play and sledding area.

Snow play can be dangerous, so use caution. According to the registration on Copper Mountain’s website, risks include but are not limited to, collisions with other people or natural or man-made objects, as well as variable natural and man-made walking and sliding surfaces, such as but not limited to, snow, packed snow, and ice. As a result, injuries or death may occur.

At roughly 7:12 p.m., as the sun sets, Copper Mountain shuts down. It’s unclear if the teenagers were in the sledding zone. The reason and manner of the youngsters’ deaths are under investigation by the Summit County Coroner’s Office. Their names have not yet been made public.

Who were Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr?

Dylan Bazzell and Drew Fehr, two Prairie Central High School students who perished in a skiing accident, have been named. In a letter sent to the Prairie Central community on Monday night, superintendent Paula Crane announced the names.

Dylan Bazzell, the son of Prairie Central basketball coach Darin Bazzell, was a senior and a standout athlete.

Crane stated that both were “wonderful individuals” in addition to being excellent students and athletes. “They set an example for everyone they knew, but notably for the district’s young athletes.

What has been confessed by the Prairie Central Community?

The Prairie Central Community will support their families, our staff members, and our kids through this difficult time. We continue to grieve their loss. The names of the students were only made public by the district with the families’ consent.

The Fairbury First Baptist Church was the site of a group mourning session on Monday even though the Fairbury school district is on vacation this week. She informed parents that on Tuesday from 9 to 11 a.m., counselors would be available in the library at Prairie Central High School for pupils. She stated that period would be extended as necessary.

The district also developed a Google Form that children, parents, or friends acting on a student’s behalf, can use to request further support for coping with bereavement. Crane urged parents to chat with their kids and get in touch with the district if they think getting assistance from a counselor or social worker would be helpful.

As we are all aware, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and it will take all of us working together to support and console our children during this awful occurrence, Crane wrote.

Dylan Bazzel and Drew Fehr

Copper Mountain Authorities’ Statement

Dustin Lyman, Copper Mountain’s president and general manager said,

“The entire team at Copper Mountain is deeply saddened by this tragic incident,” “Our most sincere condolences go out to the affected families and friends. We are also thankful to our local emergency responders, for their quick response and the medical assistance provided.” 

The resort also added that safety is their top priority, and that “we’d ask our guests to please observe posted signs and warnings and not enter closed trails and areas.”

Spencer Wilson, a reporter for Mountain Newsroom, questioned whether this might be a sign of a greater trend in tourism, with more people living in the area increasing the risk of accidents and more people being unaware of safe mountain recreation practices.

FitzSimons said, “It’s a combination of both, absolutely both,” “As we get more people it is going to happen more, unfortunately. This was a tragic incident that happened last night that affected a community in the Midwest, it will be forever a dark place in their hearts.”

Copper Mountain is about 78 miles west of Denver. The investigation continues and the Summit County Coroner’s Office will continue to determine the cause and manner of death.


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