Sivagangga cluster threatens Malaysia by D614G virus

A Sivagangga cluster (person) living in Malaysia has spread the D614G virus also known as the strain of the Corona virus, which is spreading rapidly in Malaysia.

How Sivagangga cluster spreads the virus ?

          Corona spread to more than 40 people in Malaysia through a Malaysian Tamil who returned to Malaysia from Sivagangai during the Corona curfew for violating the rules of isolation.

          Following this, his family members in Sivagangai are under intensive medical supervision. He stayed in Sivagangai from last February to July 13. According to Tamil Nadu health officials, the first test after he left for Malaysia revealed that he was not infected with Corona and the second test confirmed that he was infected.

Sivagangga Cluster threatens Malaysia
Sivagangga cluster may be linked to super-spreader D614G virus, says Health DG

Actions of Department of Health in Tamilnadu :

           BBC Tamil spoke to Sivagangai District Deputy Director of Health Yasoda about this. She said we have isolated four members of the 57-year-old man’s family. We have also received information that Corona has spread to many people through him as he went to public places in violation of the rules in Malaysia. Now We found people who were in contact with that person. We have isolated his wife, son, daughter and father-in-law. Also she added that they have received samples to test Corona and the full details will be available only after the results come out.

What is Malaysia Govt.’s action ?

            The Malaysian government identified the infected person as the Sivagangga cluster, claiming that an individual returning from Sivagangai had violated the rules of segregation in Malaysia

             When a Malaysian journalist Sateesh Parthiban was asked about the Sivagangai cluster issue, he said that the man from Tamil Nadu had returned home on a special flight arranged by the Malaysian government. The Malaysian government has said that since the Sivagangai person was running the restaurant, the number of customers who came to the restaurant, their families and those who worked in the restaurant may also be affected.

Sivagangga cluster threatens Malaysians rapidly
Sivagangai person who is responsible for Sivagangga Cluster spreads more than 40 Malaysians

Is this Genetically modified Corona virus (D614G Virus)?

             Also, the Malaysian Ministry of Health believes that the infection caused by him may have affected people with a highly malignant strain of the corona virus ( D614G Virus ). Cluster refers to the transmission of an infection from one person to another in clusters. Only one or two groups of such germs are called Super Spreaders. Is Sivagangai person spreads the cluster type? Or the super cluster type? Thats the question here without answer. A corona test has been conducted on more than 3200 people in the area where Sivagangai person was in contact with others.

A mobile control order has been issued in four areas in Kedah state to facilitate the identification of those in contact with the Sivagangai person and to control the spread of the disease, said Satheesh Parthiban.

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