Shooting: What happened in Orlando high school football game? Explained


Shooting: What happened in Orlando high school football game? Explained

A gunshot outside an Orlando high school football game left one person dead and another injured. Find out now What transpired in the high school football game in Orlando.

Orlando high school shooting:

One person was killed and two others were injured in a shooting in a parking lot near Jones High school, according to the Orlando Police Department.

The incident occurred on Saturday night during the fourth quarter of a playoff football game between Jones High and Wekiva High School.

Around 8:22 p.m., according to the police, policemen on duty overtime at the Jones High School Athletic Complex heard gunshots.

According to an OPD press statement, when officers arrived at the parking area to the north of the football field, they discovered two adult males who had been shot.

One person was declared dead, while another had non-life-threatening injuries and was sent to a nearby hospital. A third victim with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound then “self-transported themself” to a hospital, according to information later provided to Orlando Police.

Four young people, including one who had a gun, were detained, according to Orlando police. During a press conference, the Orlando Police Department stated that they think they have the culprit in custody.

There is currently no more information available. For updates, check back here.



People’s responses to this shooting

Gabby J Juice said,

this mess gotta stop man!

Neil Jones tweeted,

There is no reason why a kid cannot go to a high school football game and not return home to their family! None…there is no sufficient reason for these senseless and demonic crimes. There are no fingers to point, there are no excuses to express…things simply have to change.

In past times, we would wait until tragedy hit our homes personally to react. Yet then, it was not as often as it is today. Today, it’s hitting our homes several times a year, several times a month, and tonight it’s homes for us all…

I have youth in my youth department that attend Jones. They will be affected by this…their school year will not be the same…their memories will be tainted by the violence that has struck right next to them. Of course, I will pray for them as I have been…yet the effects of these events can last, and will stay further than just tonight, and the remaining school year…

I’m praying for the parents, I’m praying for the students and friends… I’m praying for the families…

Vicky said,

So much is missing from our communities. We have got to do better! 

Curtis said,

CONTINUING COVERAGE: So incredibly heartbreaking. One person was killed and two were injured during a shooting outside a football game at Jones High School in Orlando.

Travis said,

A mother and father lost a son tonight and another person is injured in the hospital after attending a high school football playoff game. Orlando we are so much better than this. To make matters worse there are 4 juveniles in custody for the shooting.

Shawnda Brown said,

Prayers to my Parramore Community and my former school Jones High plus everyone that was involved

Lewis tweeted,

Another High School football game shooting in Orlando and both were adults When does this shit stop?


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