Watch Video: 2 Aircraft collide at Dallas Air Show, What happened? Explained


Watch Video: 2 Aircraft collide at Dallas Air Show, What happened? Explained


A mid-air collision has transpired at the Wings Over Dallas air show at the Dallas Executive Airport, officials say. WFAA is at the scene.

Footage of an Aircraft collide at Dallas Air Show: six people are thought dead

During a Dallas air show on Saturday that was attended by many families in observance of Veterans Day, two planes collided in the air and fell to the earth in a fiery explosion, as shown in video footage. According to ABC, six passengers on the flights are believed to have perished.

Watch Video: 2 Aircraft collide at Dallas Air Show

During the World War II Airshow, Wings Over Dallas, the collision occurred. No one on the ground was hurt, according to a Dallas Fire-Rescue representative, although he was unsure of the pilots’ condition.

There is horrifying footage showing how the vintage military aircraft caught fire after colliding in midair at the Dallas air show.

At an air display in Dallas on Saturday, two World War II-era aircraft crashed in midair, shattering into a million pieces. A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra were the two aircraft that crashed horribly and were seen on camera.

Since the planes were taking part in the airshow, the entire incident was documented on camera. At least six persons were on board, and while officials have not confirmed losses, it is believed that they are all dead.

A historic military plane crashes after colliding with another plane during an airshow at Dallas Executive Airport in Dallas on Saturday,(AP)


The airshow was overtaken by horror as onlookers struggled to believe what was happening in front of them. “I remained still. The air show went down while Montoya, 27, and a friend were there. “I was in complete shock and disbelief,” Montoya said. “Everyone in the area was gasping. Everyone started crying at once. Everyone was shocked.

FAA Statement


Eric Johnson, the mayor of Dallas, stated that the crash footage is terrible. According to the mayor, the National Transportation Safety Board had assumed responsibility for the crash site and was being assisted by the local police and fire departments.

As many details of the tragedy “remain unknown or unconfirmed,” he said, “please, say a prayer for the souls who took to the sky to entertain and educate our families today.”

Even though Friday’s events had been postponed due to bad weather, the entertainment was still a part of a three-day Veterans Day weekend celebration. Additional performances were scheduled for Sunday, but it’s unclear if the Commemorative Air Force will proceed in the wake of the incident.

According to the administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and FAA will both look into the crash. According to NBC Dallas Fort Worth, the US 67 high is closed and traffic is being diverted as a result of the collision.

Here’s what happened when the two aircraft collided.

The audience’s shock and horror when the Kingcobra smashed with the B-17 are captured in every airshow footage.


Expert’s statement on Collision

During the conflict, Soviet forces mostly deployed the US fighter plane known as the Kingcobra. During World War 2, the four-engine bomber known as the B-17 was employed in missions against Germany. It is unusual to find either of the aircraft in flying condition, say experts.

After the war, the majority of B-17s were destroyed and are now only visible at air shows and museums. The eyewitnesses described seeing multiple aircraft flying simultaneously.

A lawyer who attended the ceremony with his 12-year-old daughter described it to the New York Times as having patriotic music playing in the background while the announcer described the significance of the planes.

Eyewitnesses reported that the B-17 was flying extremely low because they were still unsure of what was going on at the time. The B-17’s wing then broke off, and the plane’s body hit the ground along with a massive explosion.


Aircraft collide at Dallas Air Show: How do people react to this horrific crash?

Asla tweeted,

The videos are heartbreaking. Please, say a prayer for the souls who took to the sky to entertain and educate our families today.

TK tweeted,

This is the first video that shows the smaller planes were flying in a pattern and the B-17 cut through their formation.

Ganry tweeted,

With whats going on in the world right now, i dont believe thats a collision. The press must release all names of the passengers that was on that flight in other to check for fowl play.

Carl tweeted,

Sad & tragic but after seeing these vids the event looked unorganized and too many aircraft all in the same space at the same time

Dalla tweeted,

It’s so sad. But honestly do we need to be simulating dog fights with planes that are older than granny?

vefun tweeted,

I was there 10 years back. So close. It’s almost as if I was there when in happened. There was also a shark attack in Panama City 7 years after I was there. It was so close. I have never been to Australia but there was a shark attack there- so close.

Sana tweeted,

This may sound crazy. But why were they recording? Cause the video started well before the planes crashed? Hmm

Bay tweeted,

Jesus… hopefully we learn something that can prevent this from happening again…. 

Hunter paf tweeted,

The b17 was in his blindspot due to his approach angle, it could have been anyone’s fault, still a very sad loss of life.

Syla said,

The angle the small plane was coming in, banking hard and fast and losing altitude with nose slightly elevated, probably obscured the B17 from view until it was too late. However the pilot must have seen the bomber upon entering the turn. Too fast, too low.



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