Robert Blake dies from long-term heart disease, Baretta star Cause of death explained

Robert Blake, an actor best known for playing gritty characters like TV investigator Tony Baretta, passed away on March 9, 2023 at his Los Angeles home. His career was eclipsed by his prosecution and acquittal for the 2001 murder of his wife. Let’s see How did Baretta star Robert Blake die and Robert Blake Cause of death in detail.


How did Robert Blake die?

Robert Blake, a well-known performer and Emmy winner who played in the murder drama “Baretta,” has passed away on March 9,2023. He was 89. Robert Blake’s death was reported to CNN in an email by his daughter Delinah Blake Hurwitz.

Delinah Blake Hurwitz informed that her father passed away on Thursday “peacefully” and “surrounded by family.”

Blake, according to his family, loved jazz music, playing the guitar, reading poetry, and watching classic Hollywood movies. According to Blake’s family, a private memorial service will be held to celebrate his life.


Robert Blake Cause of death

We’re sorry to have to inform you that Robert Blake has passed away. Robert Blake was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Robert Blake cause of death in light of the recent news. According to his niece Noreen Austin, who released an obituary notice via a publicist, Robert Blake passed away in Los Angeles from heart disease. Robert Blake accumulated a lot of remarkable credits during his more than 60 years as a working actor, including the 1967 film “In Cold Blood” and David Lynch’s 1997 movie “Lost Highway,” which served as the actor’s last on-screen credit. Robert Blake cause of death has left the community inconsolable.


Who was Robert Blake?

Robert Blake was an American actor best known for his work in the 1970s American television series Baretta and the 1967 movie In Cold Blood. In the MGM film Bridal Suite (1939), which also starred Robert Young and Annabella, Blake made his acting debut as Toto. After that, using his name, Blake started to replace Eugene “Porky” Lee in MGM’s Our Gang short films (also known as The Little Rascals). Between 1939 and 1944, he was in 40 of the shorts, eventually taking the lead role in the last episode of the series. Moreover, Blake’s parents appeared as extras in the series. Mickey, a character played by Blake in Our Gang, was frequently asked to cry, and for this, he received criticism for being ineffective. In addition, he received flak for being annoying and whining. His character in the show was renamed “Mickey Blake” after he adopted the stage name “Bobby Blake” in 1942. Our Gang was cancelled by MGM in 1944, and the series’ last short, Dancing Romeo, was released. For his work in Our Gang, Blake received the Former Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award from the Young Artist Foundation in 1995. Blake made a 1942 appearance in Andy Hardy’s Double Life as “Tooky” Stedman.

A Vast Career

Blake enrolled in Jeff Corey’s acting class and started focusing on his personal and professional development. Later, he developed into a seasoned Hollywood performer, taking on prominent dramatic roles in films and on television. He originally appeared under the name Robert Blake in 1956. In 1959, Blake declined the part of Little Joe Cartwright in NBC’s western television series Bonanza; Michael Landon eventually played the part. He did make an appearance that year as Tobe Hackett in the episode of the syndicated western series 26 Men called “Trade Me Deadly,” which depicted actual events involving the Arizona Rangers. Moreover, Blake starred in “The White Hat” episode of Men of Annapolis, another syndicated series, and had two appearances as “Alfredo” in the western The Cisco Kid.

He made appearances in three distinct guest lead roles in the CBS western series Have Gun Will Travel, as well as one-off guest roles on the ABC western The Rebel, the NBC western The Californians, the short-lived ABC adventure series Straightaway, and the NBC western television series Laramie. He also made appearances in season 3, episode 25 of Bat Masterson, the NBC western series The Californians, and the NBC western television series The Californians. As an adult, Blake appeared in several movies, including the lead in the gangster film The Purple Gang (1960), supporting parts in Pork Chop Hill (1959), and a role in Town Without Pity as one of four American troops who took part in a gang rape in occupied Germany (1961). He played Charles “Bucky” Harris in the John F. Kennedy war film “PT109” (1963). He also appeared in the 1964 movies Ensign Pulver and The Greatest Tale Ever Told, among others. By participating in fifteen of the 25 episodes of the NBC series The Richard Boone Show, which was critically acclaimed but had a brief run in 1963, Blake gained additional attention. In 1967, Blake’s involvement in the movie In Cold Blood led to a career breakthrough. Blake played Perry Smith, a real-life murderer with whom he had a startling likeness. For the movie, Richard Brooks received two Oscar nominations: one for directing and one for adapting Truman Capote’s novel.

Blake starred in the 1981 television rendition of Of Mice and Men, as a motorcycle highway patrolman in the controversial Electra Glide in Blue, and played a Native American fugitive in the 1969 film Inform Them Willie Boy Is Here (1973). Corky, a 1972 MGM production, featured him as a small-town stock car racer with aspirations to race on the NASCAR circuit. Real NASCAR racers like Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough were shown in the movie. Blake gained notoriety for his Emmy Award-winning performance as Tony Baretta in the hit television series Baretta (1975–1988), in which he portrayed a street-smart, plain-clothes police detective. The pet cockatoo “Fred” and Baretta’s catchphrases, such as “Don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the time,” served as the show’s hallmarks.

Blake played the lead in two Paramount Pictures movies, Coast to Coast (1980) and Second-Hand Hearts (1981). Over the 1980s and 1990s, he kept acting, primarily for television, playing characters like Jimmy Hoffa in the miniseries Blood Feud (1983) and John List in the murder mystery Judgment Day: The John List Story (1993), for which he received a third Emmy nomination. Blake played a priest serving in a rough area in the 1985 television series Hell Town. Also, he took supporting roles in the theatrical releases Money Train (1995) and David Lynch’s Lost Highway, where he played the Mystery Man (1997).

Criminal Trail

Bonny Lee Bakley, the wife of Robert Blake, was found shot to death in his car on May 4, 2001, following a meal at Studio City’s Vitello’s. Robert Blake claimed at the time that he had only briefly returned to the restaurant when the murder took place. Robert Blake was detained in April 2002 on suspicion of two counts of soliciting murder in the first-degree and first degree murder with exceptional circumstances. At his arraignment, he entered a plea of innocence. The four children of Bakley’s estate filed a civil wrongful death lawsuit against Robert Blake in the same year, demanding unspecified damages on their behalf. Robert Blake was declared not guilty of Bakley’s murder in a civil lawsuit launched by Bakley’s children in March 2005, despite being cleared in the criminal case. Her family was awarded $30 million in damages from the actor. As Robert Blake’s attorneys contested the civil case, the sum of damages awarded to Bakley’s children was eventually reduced to $15 million, but the Los Angeles court affirmed the wrongful death judgement. Tales of a Rascal: What I Done for Love is a memoir written by Robert Blake that was published in 2011. At an appearance on CNN in 2012 to promote the book, he accused Piers Morgan of labelling him a “fraud” when asked about Bakley’s murder.


Tributes to Robert Blake

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Getty Images President Jeff wrote,

“Actor Robert Blake left us today. He was Mickey in the Little Rascals and went on to star in Baretta as an adult as well as got acquitted for killing his wife. He was a controversial guy and had a career that spanned from 1939 to 1993 which is simply amazing. I only saw him once in front of my camera in ‘93. Hope you find your peace RB”

James tweeted,

SAD FAREWELL – Robert Blake As a kid he worked with Laurel and Hardy, Jack Benny, and was in Our Gang. As an adult he was in great films and did great TV. Things got really messed up after that. He has died at 89 and so I’m celebrating his work, which was consistently good. RIP”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


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