Missing: What happened to Sunshine Spearchief? Know everything about the 16 year-old Lethbridge teenager

Sunshine Spearchief
Sunshine Spearchief, 16


Sunshine Spearchief, a 16-year-old girl went missing since March 8. Let’s see what happened to Sunshine in detail.

Sunshine Spearchief missing:

Lethbridge Police are asking for the public’s help in finding Spearchief. She was supposed to meet her guardian after school on March 8, but according to the police, they never made it there.

Her school’s staff confirmed that she stayed there until the end of the school day. Her health and well-being are reportedly a concern, according to the Lethbridge Police Department.

Sunshine Spearchief description:

Spearchief is described as indigenous, standing at about 185 centimeters tall, and weighing about 55 kilograms. 

Spearchief was last observed sporting black jeans, a grey hoodie, a long black winter coat, and black high-top shoes.

She is from Lethbridge, a city in the province of Alberta, Canada.

What happened to Sunshine Spearchief?

The information was recently shared on Facebook by the Lethbridge Police. Spearchiefs’ current whereabouts are not known according to the Lethbridge Police Service of Alberta.

She was last seen March 8 at school in #yql.


The Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) is asking for the public’s help to find a missing teen.

Anybody who may have information that might assist in the whereabouts of Spearchiefs is urged to call the police at the number 403-328-4444 and make reference to case #23005248.

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