Radio Personality Mel Dzelde dies, cause of death explained

Mel Dzelde

South Australian radio star Mel Dzelde died on December 8, 2022, at the age of 52. Let’s see how the Australian Radio star died and Mel Dzelde cause of death in detail.

How did Mel Dzelde die?

Mel Dzelde passed away on Thursday morning after a fight with cancer and motor neuron disease. Radio personality, and author Mel Dzelde, dies aged 52. Mel’s husband and fellow media identity Chris Dzelde revealed the sad news on Thursday.

Mel Dzelde

Mel Dzelde, a well-known radio personality, and novelist, died after a struggle with illness. Dzelde’s death news was confirmed by her husband, Chris Dzelde on a social media post saying,

“The world became a little darker this morning at 9.9.30 am when my beloved wife, Mel Dee Dzelde, passed away peacefully in her sleep. Her joy and incredibly gracious spirit will, however, live on in all who were touched by her particularly powerful, wonderful magic.”

“Thank you, my darling wife, for nearly ten years of married bliss! (We still called ourselves Newlyweds!), and I remain in constant awe of the happiness you beamed over EVERYONE! And, we’ll make sure the beams continue!  (they may even be more powerful now!) Special thanks to all of the Mary Potter Hospice for taking such wonderful care of us both.”

“Thanks to all for your wishes and prayers.”

Mel Dzelde cause of death:

A Radio star, Mel Dzelde cause of death was cancer and ALS. She has dealt with a wide range of health issues, from numerous rounds of cancer and moto neuron disease.

Dzelde was identified as having stage 4 rectal cancer five years ago. She then received radiation and chemo, but she continued to carry out her daily work responsibilities without interruption. She underwent Rectal resection surgery and therefore used an ileostomy bag, which was hugely difficult for her.


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Mel had previously battled cancer three times before receiving a fourth diagnosis of Stage 4 rectal cancer. She received a Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis last year while undergoing cancer treatment (ALS). After a long struggle with the illness, she sadly passed away today.

Who was Mel Dzelde?

Mel Dzelde was a famous Australian Radio personality. Mel was an Executive Producer for Kym, Ali, and Dzelde at Mix 102.3 in the early 2000s. She originally met Chris Dzelde at Mix 102.3, and they later bonded at a performance. Chris Dzelde became her husband many years later.

Mel’s Christmas desires came true when Oprah Winfrey contacted and donated $15,000 to her, Go Fund Me campaign, which was set up by The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show.

In order to grant Mel’s wish to spend a beautiful Christmas with her family and loved ones, The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show teamed together with the Power FM breakfast team.


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They surprised Mel with a number of acts of kindness and gifts, including Oprah. “You are such an inspiration. You are the greatest human spirit, we have all witnessed. We’ve never met a woman as you know.” Oprah informed her. “So blessings to you and thank you for all the grace and inspiration you’ve given to all of us.”

Mel Dzelde confronts Dying, By Remaining “Terminally Happy” and she wrote her cancer battle. “Happiness is there for us, so choose it every moment… ‘Cause why not? – Life is a gift.” – Mel said.

Tributes to Mel Dzelde:

Nancy Stroop posted,

My beautiful friend Mel Dee Dzelde passed away this morning. I have never known anyone with such strength, kindness, and love that fought all that was thrown at her.

Chris Dzelde I’m heartbroken for you and the family. I will miss you, Mel. We had some great conversations. There’s a photo of Mel wears the headband and cardigan I made for her. She’s holding her book too!

Also, when I designed a range of zip pouches to help raise funds for bowel cancer Australia. This set is the one I made especially for Mel. I named the pattern Melinda in her honor. Cancer and MND suck.

Jocks’ Journal posted,

RIP Mel Dzelde, SA radio identity, and the author has sadly died after twin battles with cancer and motor neuron disease. Mel’s husband, and fellow radio personality Chris, said she passed away “peacefully in her sleep” on Thursday morning, December 8.

Kristen Beever commented,

Sending you all my love Chris. I’m so sorry for your loss. Although I never met Mel, because you and she shared her story so widely and freely, I felt that I knew her, and there’s no denying your perfect match. Thank you for sharing her with us. xx

Robyn Butler commented,

We are and always will be truly blessed to know what unconditional love joy and gratitude are. Thank you, my gorgeous girl. Always in our hearts. Condolences Chris on your loss.

Yvette Costello commented,

Chris sending you lots of love. I know words are inadequate at this time, and hard for others to understand the depth of your loss. So many people love you, and I wish I lived closer so I could give you a big hug. Take care of yourself.

Craig Huggins commented,

Oh Chris, with a heavy heart I send my condolences old friend. Wishing you the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to hold in your heart forever. Heaven FM has now got a star to build its station around.


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