Philly from THF 46 dies, Well-known Chicago Rapper cause of death and obituary

Philly THF46


Philly, a member of THF46 and a rapper from Chicago, Illinois passed away. Let’s see how did the rapper die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Philly die?

Philly from THF 46 passed away on March 18, 2023. This sad news was announced by SquiidApe.

The statement from the official account of SquiidApe reads,

“RIP to PHILLY from THF 46 who PASSED AWAY yesterday: THF 46, OBN And More React To His Death”

SquiidApe also posted a tribute video on their You Tube account. In that video, he explained the Philly cause of death. 

Who was Philly from TH 46?

Philly was a well-known rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was a member of THF46 and was famous in the O block.

Chicago rapper, Philly from the #THF46 group #THFBayzoo was recently arrested and they found three machine guns and 2 switches in his possession.

Hours after THF Bayzoo was arrested there was a raid in the famously known neighborhood in Chicago, OBlock.

THF is a Chicago gang that is primarily African American with a blend of other ethnicities that is very realistic. The music gang makes sure that both the community and the faction are safe places to role-play. Having said that, they will not put up with any bullying or rule-breaking. 

Philly cause of death:

A well-known Chicago Rapper passed away shortly after being released from jail. Philly cause of death was drug overuse. The members of THF46 confirm that he was not killed by any opponents.

O Block members and the people from music industry has paid their tribute on social media pages.

Condolences flooded online for the young rapper who passed away.


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