How did Paul O’grady die? TV presenter and comedian cause of death explained


 How did Paul O'grady die? TV presenter and comedian cause of death explained

World lost the Legend: Sorry to hear of the tragic passing at age 67 of comedian, TV and radio host, and dog enthusiast Paul O’Grady. He was a lover of animals and a hero to all animal lovers.

The comedian and TV host from Birkenhead, well known by his drag alias Lily Savage, passed away “unexpectedly, leaving his family and admirers in deep sorrow. Keep reading this post to learn more details about his passing and Paul O’Grady cause of death.

What happened to Paul O’Grady?

Paul O’Grady, a comedian and TV host, passed away at the age of 67, according to his companion Andre Portasio. O’Grady, who was also known for his drag queen alter ego Lily Savage, passed away on Tuesday night “peacefully but suddenly,” according to a statement provided to the PA news agency by a representative.

Portasio said in his statement: 

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that Paul passed away unexpectedly but peacefully yesterday evening. “We ask, at this difficult time, that whilst you celebrate his life you also respect our privacy as we come to terms with this loss. “He will be greatly missed by his loved ones, friends, family, animals, and all those who enjoyed his humor, wit, and compassion. “I know that he would want me to thank you for all the love you have shown him over the years.”

Paul O’Grady cause of death

With his drag queen persona Lily Savage, Paul became well-known in the 1980s in the London LGBT scene, which helped him earn wider recognition in the 1990s. The TV personality became well-known in comedy and television quite rapidly.

He received an MBE in 2008 and the Special Recognition award from the National Television Awards in 2010.  Paul’s cause of death has not yet been disclosed. 

Although the exact cause of Paul’s passing has not yet been made public, it is known that he had previously mentioned on news websites that he had suffered from an illness after covid. 

Paul O’Grady Illness: ‘I felt like I was dying: Paul O’Grady describes horror illness that ‘finished’ him off

Let’s talk about the illness he dealt with below:

Paul O’Grady has discussed his incapacitating struggle with Covid-19. The broadcaster, who caught the virus in Malta, claimed that the coronavirus left him “wheezing” and prevented him from working for two months.

Paul, who had previously suffered from two heart attacks, was so concerned about his health that he asked his heart doctor to order testing.

The struggle is real after covid

The presenter’s cardiologist made the diagnosis of a “recovering Covid victim” after doing an X-ray scan. As he had to take time off work due to his lingering problems, he recalled worrying that he would never get better.

During filming in Malta for the second season of Sally Lindsay’s The Madame Blanc Mysteries, the presenter began to have symptoms.

Paul remembered: “Up until last year, I was able to avoid Covid, but I eventually caught it. I was so sick that I barely got it. “I was amazed at how exhausted I felt from it. I needed at least two months to recover from it. My breathing stopped. “When I went outside to feed the pigs, I had to stop and sit down two or three times while walking there and wheezing.

The 67-year-old, who was exhausted, spent the summer resting at his Kent farm. “I did nothing but sleep. I would get out of bed, head downstairs, sit on the couch, and then doze off again for another four hours “Paul explained.

“It was extremely strange how I’d get up, drink a cup of tea, and then go back to bed and sleep all night. “I simply felt awful about it.

Never in my life have I slept that much. I had already received all the shots, but it still killed me. Thank God I’m through that now, but I remember wondering at one point, “Is this ever going to end?

Paul recalled his symptoms

Will I ever regain my energy and stop feeling exhausted? It wasn’t enjoyable. More than two million people in the UK have long-lasting COVID symptoms, according to statistics issued by the Office for National Statistics last year.

Anybody with symptoms that appear several weeks after an acute illness is considered to have the syndrome. Extreme fatigue, loss of smell, and shortness of breath are three of the syndrome’s most prevalent symptoms, according to the NHS.

Paul recalled his symptoms as follows: “We finished filming for one day, and that night I felt a little weird, and the next day I felt like I was dying.” “I was coughing like crazy and had a severe headache.

I rode gently around the bend in a hostel room for nine days. I ultimately traveled back home and felt much better, but a few days later I felt terrible and was back in bed because I just couldn’t get over it.

“Our Sincere and deepest condolences will go to Grady’s Family and fans”

Personal Quotes by Paul O’Grady

I was sort of, well, I hate the word bisexual, because I think bisexuality’s just greed. There’s no such thing, you’re either gay or straight. But I’ve never said, ‘Oh, I’m gay.’ I always liked girls and fellas as a teenager, way up into my 20s. But my sexuality’s never been a problem for me – I’ve got as many gay friends as I have straight friends.

I still consider myself working class. I know my circumstances have changed dramatically since I was growing up back in Birkenhead. Now I live in rural Kent in what I suppose people would call a posh house. But it’s still in me.

Quick Biography of Paul O’Grady 

On June 14, 1955, Paul James O’Grady was born in Birkenhead, England. After graduating from Christian Brothers School, he took a job as a clerk in a magistrate’s court. He had a brief affair with Diane Jansen, a woman he met at that time.

In 1974, their daughter Sharyn was born. Paul, however, believed he was too young to be a father and made the decision to fly to Europe, where he worked as a server in a Manila brothel among other jobs.

After moving back to England in the 1980s, he introduced the homosexual bars and clubs in London to his drag persona, Lily Savage, in 1985. Paul was able to launch his television program, “Live From The Lilydrome,” in 1995 thanks to the character’s enormous popularity.

He stopped playing Lily Savage in 2000 and started acting exclusively as Paul O’Grady on television. Paul had a heart attack in his London flat in 2002. Now, he resides on a farm close to Kent, England. Paul, who is currently single, is blissfully devoted to his daughter and has a close relationship with her.

Read some Facts about Paul O’Grady 

Buster, Olga, and Louie are his three tiny dogs; the first two frequently appear on his show. Olga was one of many puppies that made an appeal to be rehomed on the show in 2004, and he adopted her as a result. O’Grady opted to keep her himself.

Prior to being famous, he worked as a social worker. On July 30, 2005, at Liverpool Town Hall, Sharon Jansen, his lone child, wed her childhood friend Philip Moseley.

TV producer Brendan Murphy, who had been his longtime partner and business partner for 20 years, passed away on June 12, 2005, from cancer. The “Paul O’Grady Show” paid tribute to him during the first episode of season three.

In the 2008 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, he received the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his contributions to entertainment. He is a skilled organist and pianist.

He acquired a new puppy live on TV on September 29th, after considerable pestering from the studio audience. When O’Grady started to fall in love with the dog, whose name was Scottie, it was while he was hosting a segment on homeless animals. In the ensuing episode, he declared that the new dog will now go by the moniker Bullseye.

He allegedly tried to quit smoking at the time of his angina episode in November 2013 but required more heart surgery. He is an active advocate of Gay rights and the Labour Party.

He participated in a public demonstration in the UK against Vladimir Putin’s passage of a law in Russia that forbade the promotion of homosexuality to children.

He received the complete run of the Australian drama series Prisoner (1979) on VHS cassettes when a fan bequeathed it to him in her will. He had previously played Lily Savage in the stage musical adaptation of the show in the mid-1990s.


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