Anna Kolyada: What happened to the Russian model and trainee doctor? Dies after using Placenta based drip

 Anna Kolyada: What happened to the Russian model and trainee doctor? Dies after using Placenta based drip

Young beauty from Bryansk Anna Kolyada died:  The model dies after using a human PLACENTA-based health booster drip she bought from an online pharmacy. 

Russian law enforcement has launched an investigation into the death of a 22-year-old medical student. She died after taking an immunostimulating agent based on the human placenta.

Keep reading this article to learn more about What happened to the Russian model and trainee doctor and Anna Kolyada’s cause of death. 

What happened to the Russian model?

A well-known Russian businessman, the founder of SberMegaMarket, Dmytro Zhulin, and his girlfriend, Anna Kolyada, a 5th-year student at Moscow Medical University, decided to “cure” with the help of a placenta.

The 22-year-old bought a special immunomodulator and gave her and her lover an IV to boost their immunity on the eve of their joint trip to Dubai. The lover is still in the hospital. As for Zhulin, he is still in the hospital, but in stable condition and can speak.

Anna Kolyada cause of death

As it became known, the lovers conducted such an experiment, not for the first time, and the girl, who positioned herself on Instagram as a “nutritionist, doctor of preventive medicine, health coach and specialist in systemic rehabilitation ”, put the last dropper on March 13.

She prepared the solution in advance, despite the fact that it must be diluted each time immediately before use. The diluted drug lasted for three days, so an infection appeared inside the containers, and since the drug is based on the placenta, the protein coagulated.

Therefore, along with the drug, the couple also introduced an infection into their body, which caused the appearance of the most severe manifestation of sepsis.

Both were hospitalized on March 14 – before the flight to Dubai. Already 20 minutes after the injection, on the way to the airport, both felt sick, violent chills and headaches appeared, and the body temperature rose to 41 degrees. They were diagnosed with septic shock.

The girl died on March 25, Zhulin is still in the hospital, but he has already been transferred from the intensive care unit to another specialized ward. Currently, doctors assess his condition as stable. Local police are investigating the incident. Earlier it was reported that new details about the death of the Russian commander who organized the Ilovai Boiler became known.

Who is Anna Kolyada?

Today, March 27, the federal media reported on the tragedy that took place in Moscow. There, after five drops of a dubious drug, the girlfriend of businessman Dmitry Zhulin, our countrywoman Anna Kolyada, died.

She was a fifth-year student at Sechenovka, the very First Honey that Governor Bogomaz loves and cherishes so much. In Bryansk, Anna studied at a medical college, and her very candid photographs are walked on the Web.

As per her Instagram account, it was known that she was a “nutritionist, doctor of preventive medicine, health coach and specialist in systemic rehabilitation ”.

He died in hospital after coming down with a fever on his way to the airport to fly to Dubai.

Anna Kolyada (Source: Fb)

Ongoing Investigation case

A criminal case has been opened in Kolyada’s death, the Investigative Committee of Russia said. Reports say that she bought the Japanese Laennec treatment from an online pharmacy without a prescription and prepared a drip for herself and Zhulin without contacting a qualified doctor.

One suspicion is that the drug had been sitting in a saline drip for several days and an ‘infection had formed in it due to clotted protein’. The couple had wanted to boost their immune systems, it was reported.

Anna Kolyada

Dmitry Zhulin (Source: Fb)

33-year-old Dmitry Zhulin, the founder of the SberMarket online store, became seriously ill after using an immunostimulating agent based on the Japanese human placenta. They had previously taken the medication with no problems.

Zhulin is one of the founders of a major Russian online store called Sbermarket. Kolyada was a student at the prestigious Sechenov Medical University in Moscow.

Researchers are reportedly examining ampoules with the human placenta-based immunostimulating agent. Laennec is described by one vendor as a “unique immunostimulating agent.”

It is obtained from the hydrolyzate of the placenta…. ‘For the production of Laennec, the placenta taken from Japanese women after a safe and uncomplicated delivery is used.’


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