Missing: What happened to Lauren Kingsbury? Know more about the 25 year-old Laurel woman

The Laurel Police Department is looking for Lauren Kingsbury, who has been missing since last Friday. Tracy Goins says time is of the essence. Their 25-year-old daughter Lauren Kingsbury, who was only reported missing on Sunday, has not been heard from in more than 72 hours. Let’s see about it in detail.


Missing: What happened to Lauren Kingsbury?

The 25-year-old Lauren Kingsbury was last seen on March 24 in the Korba Place, 14000 block. On March 26, Kingsbury was reported missing. She was last seen brandishing a dark-colored shirt, grey sweatpants, and white shoes. She is described as a 150-pound Black woman with brown eyes and brown hair.


  • Name: Lauren Kingsbury

  • Age: 25 years old

  • Last Seen: In the 14000 block of Korba Place

  • Race: Black Woman

  • Weight: 150 pounds

  • Height: 5’8 “

  • Eyes: Brown Eyes

  • Hair: Brown Hair

A member of her family expressed concern for her safety to 7News.

The nearby property’s security camera footage shows Lauren and Brittany entering Lauren’s condo, taking Lauren’s dog for a stroll outside, and then driving off together. The video is from last Friday, the last time they were seen.

Lauren’s father Ricardo Kingsbury said,

“We saw them walking to get in the car and leave and Lauren was just disheveled and that is not Lauren. She was limping like she couldn’t keep up.”

Her mother claims that the two recently called it quits on their relationship of more than a year. Before Friday, when her texts turned green and they couldn’t reach her, she assured her parents that everything was fine. The police were called, and they went to Lauren’s house but were unable to enter.

Goins said,

They told us we needed permission from the homeowner which was Lauren who was missing. It was illogical.” 

After their separation, according to her parents, Brittany allegedly broke into her house for the first time a few weeks ago, smashing the windows and slashing the tyres.

Goins continued,

“For me as a mom, I was the last to know everything. Every single moment for the last 48 hours I have been hearing new things.

Brittany and Lauren. If you can’t tell you are extremely and infinitely loved. So many people want you to return to your homes safely and sound.”

Now the family is left with more questions than answers, clinging on to hope and sharing a message they hope the girls will hear.

Update: Lauren Kingsbury found safe

We are glad to report that the Missing Person Alert for Lauren Kingsbury is cancelled. Ms. Kingsbury has been safely located in Fairfax County. Laurel Police continue to investigate into this matter and appreciate the public’s help thus far.

More information will be added to this page once the investigation is over, therefore, make sure to check back.


Please call 301-498-0092 right away if you have any information about the whereabouts of Lauren Kingsbury, or send an anonymous tip to [email protected].



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