Nia Sandra Rash found dead after missing, What happened to the 25 year old Penn Hills woman

Nia Sandra Rash found dead after missing, What happened to the 25 year old Penn Hills woman

Nia Sandra Rash, an old Penn Hills woman found dead after missing. Let’s see more details about Nia Sandra Rash in the following paragraphs.

Nia Sandra Rash found dead after missing

A body that was found in the water near the Dashields Dam in Crescent Township Monday morning has been identified. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the woman as Nia Sandra Rash, 25 of Crescent Township.

Her body was removed from a dam along the river in Crescent, according to Tribune-Review news partner WPXI-TV. Officials have not released a cause or manner of death for Rash. Allegheny County Homicide is investigating the case.

Nia Sandra Rash found dead after missing, What happened to the 25 year old Penn Hills woman

What happened to Nia Rash?

 Nia Rash, vanished from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 28, 2022. “This is so unreal, but it’s, like, my reality,” her mother Shannon said.

Nia was struggling with her mental health and decided to take a break from school. “I think she was having a really tough time,” Shannon said. “She kind of fell back and took a break from everything.” Nia was living at home with Shannon in a Pittsburgh suburb at the time of her disappearance.

On December 28, 2022, Shannon said that she was at work when she last texted her daughter around 4:06 P.M. “I asked her where she was going and she said, ‘I’m riding the bus, Mama. I’m not really going to any particular place,’” Shannon recalled. Nia told her that she “just wanted to get out of the house.” That was the last time Shannon spoke to her daughter. 

Penn Hills Police Department was investigating Nia’s disappearance

Her Mother said it wasn’t uncommon for Nia to go into the city for a couple of days and stay with friends. But what was uncommon — was that she wasn’t answering her mother anymore. “She still would go off and get in her moods and want to be left alone,” Shannon said. “But she cared about what I thought and wanted to do things to make me happy.”

Shannon told that she tried texting Nia throughout the evening and into the next day, but she wasn’t getting a response. “She left on a Wednesday. Thursday, I sent her a couple of texts and she didn’t respond to anything,” she said. “Friday, I filed the police report.”

The Penn Hills Police Department is investigating Nia’s disappearance. On January 7, 2022, they posted on their Social Media page that Nia was seen at the PAT bus stop located at Frankstown and Duff Roads in Penn Hills on December 28, 2022, at around 4:15 p.m.

Nia Sandra Rash found dead after missing, What happened to the 25 year old Penn Hills woman

Mother pushing for answers about the disappearance of Nia Rash

“This is so unreal, but it’s, like, my reality,” Shannon said. Shannon expressed that she and Nia are very close. “She’s my middle child,” she said. “She’s the one that will still like climbing in the bed with me.”

Nia Rash is very inventive and courageous, but most of all loves being with her family. “She likes when everybody’s altogether,” Shannon said. “She’s a very loving person.”

After graduating from high school, Nia got a degree in psychology at a community college in Pittsburgh. She then started working towards her bachelor’s degree, until she began to face troubles. “I think everything started getting a little overwhelming for her,” Shannon. “There was an onset, I want to say when she was like 22, of a mental illness. That’s when she started to kind of display different characteristics.”

Shannon said that she has hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of her daughter’s disappearance. Until they do, Shannon said that she and her family will continue to do what they can to find Nia. “We went downtown and we were passing out flyers,” she said, adding that they are also working with the Black and Missing Foundation.

Identification Given

Nia is around 5’9” tall and weighs 120 lbs. She wears glasses and has short hair. She was last seen wearing a black coat with a hood with fur, gray sweatpants, and light brown Ugg boots.

Social Media Condolence

Baba Gne Tibbs Posted

Sankɔfa Gatherings family,
It is with immense sadness to announce that the search for one of our original Sankɔfa Gatherings college students, Sis. Nia Rash is no longer with us in the land of the living. Please pray for comfort for the family and all who knew her.

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