Naomi Sayre found dead: What happened to the Missing Fayette County woman?


 Naomi Sayre found dead: What happened to the Missing Fayette County woman?

Naomi Sayre, a Fayette County resident who had been missing since earlier this month, was discovered dead. Let’s find out what happened to her and how she was found deceased in this post.

UPDATE: Naomi Sayre found dead

On March 4, Naomi Sayre, a 21-year-old woman from Fayette County, was reported missing. She was discovered dead on Wednesday. According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Naomi Sayre vanished from her Bloomingburg residence on March 4 at around 4 a.m.

Her whereabouts were not made public by the sheriff’s office, but her family told 10TV that she was discovered dead around midnight on Wednesday in an apartment above her house.

Sayre’s aunt Twyla McNamara admitted two weeks ago that she forgot to bring her phone, wallet, and pocketbook. According to her aunt, Sayre did have some luggage packed because she claimed she would be staying at a friend’s home.

The sheriff’s office stated there is no suspicion of foul play in her passing. The sheriff’s office is anticipated to provide further information later today.

Police Statement

​Fayette County Coroner Dr. Lenora Fitton was summoned to the scene following the report this morning and pronounced Naomi Sayre dead on arrival.

Naomi Sayre was subsequently transported from the scene to the Montgomery County Medical Coroner’s Office for a post-mortem examination. There were no signs of foul play discovered during the examination and the time and cause of death are unknown at this time, although the decomposition of the remains indicates that Sayre had been deceased for an extended period of time.

​Sheriff’s detectives conducted the on-scene investigation overnight and into the early morning hours; conducting interviews with other individuals at the home that were present during the discovery of Naomi’s body. Theresa Sayre declined to be interviewed when requested by detectives and wished to speak with legal counsel.

Naomi Sayre missing case: Explained

On March 4, Naomi Sayre, age 21, went missing after leaving her Fayette County residence. Naomi Sayre was last seen in Bloomingburg. She fought with her mother and boyfriend just before leaving her house, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office claims.

She attempted to secure a ride from friends, but ultimately left the house unaccompanied by her phone or any other belongings.

According to the sheriff’s office, there is no proof of wrongdoing. She left the house last Saturday and hasn’t spoken to any of her friends or relatives since.

Community rallies together to search for missing Fayette County woman

The last time Naomi Sayre, age 21, was seen was in Bloomingburg, a tiny community southwest of Columbus, more than a week ago.

Together with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, a group of over 50 individuals braved the streets on Sunday to broaden their search to the town’s outskirts.

In pursuit of a ray of hope, family members and friends traveled by car, tractor, and foot while knocking on doors. “As soon as I get out of bed, I tell my husband which day she has been missing, according to Naomi’s aunt Twyla McNamara.

Naomi Sayre left her house after an argument

She got into a fight with her partner early that morning, took a tonne of medications, and stormed out of her house about 4 a.m., according to family members, who spoke to 10TV.

Her boyfriend chased after her but quickly went back to her house to reunite with her family. “It’s odd that she didn’t take her phone, money, or pocketbook. She had some luggage packed because she planned to stay with her pals, according to McNamara.

She admits that she worries Naomi overdosed but there has been no sign of her so far. “The risk of a bad ending rises with each day she remains missing, according to Sergeant Jon Fausnaugh. “This is the first time we have carried out a thorough search. Several of our patrol deputies have investigated neighborhoods, vacant buildings, and other such things.

The crew is combing the woods, the creekbed, and the areas of the town bordering the train line with drones and police personnel. Anybody who locates Naomi and returns her securely to her family will get a $1,000 prize from her family.



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