Nathan Millard case: Who is Tiffany Ann Guidry? One of the two women wanted in connection arrested

According to a statement released by the Baton Rouge Police on Thursday, two women are now wanted in connection to Nathan Millard’s death. A Georgia man named Nathan Millard’s body was discovered in Baton Rouge earlier this month, and police have now arrested one of the two women they allege were responsible for his death.  Let’s see about the Nathan Millard case in detail.


Nathan Millard Case:

On March 6, Nathan Millard’s body was discovered hidden behind a closed Baton Rouge funeral house, wrapped in a rug and plastic. Millard, a Covington resident and father of five, travelled to Louisiana for business. On February 22, while attending an LSU game, he had a meeting.

The last time he was seen was that evening. At about 10:30 p.m. that night, according to investigators, Nathan Millard left Happy’s Irish Pub, which is situated along Third Street close to Convention Street in the downtown area, after the bartender interrupted him. The distance between his lodging and the tavern is only 500 feet.

After that, he continued to walk about the neighborhood, eventually making it to the opposite side of Interstate 110 an hour later and less than a mile away, according to the detectives.

According to the police, Nathan Millard ran into a security guard at the Florida Street Greyhound Bus Terminal. According to the investigation, the guard thought Millard was out of place and offered to assist him. The security guard would enquire if he required a taxi, Uber, or another form of transportation. Millard would say no and proceed on his journey.

According to the investigators, Nathan Millard never showed any signs of distress throughout the evening and arrived at the sites on his initiative. Shortly after his confrontation with the security officer, Millard is seen on video obtained by WBRZ walking back to I-110 via Florida Street, a few blocks from the bus stop. He wasn’t by himself.

Before he disappeared, Nathan Millard was seen in hotel footage from February 22, 2023.

A person wearing a light-colored shirt was strolling next to Millard, who was wearing a black shirt. While Millard seems to be walking without any issues, that person seems to be stumbling a little.

The following day, Nathan Millard would be listed as missing after skipping a morning appointment. He checked his hotel room, and everything was there. A few blocks away, his cell phone would be located. Nathan Millard’s friend claims that his credit card was used at least twice. His American Express card was found, but his ID was not.

Eleven days later, his body would be found less than two miles north of the Greyhound station. Investigators were awaiting a toxicology report to conclude the cause of his death even though an autopsy would find “no evidence of internal or external.”

First Suspect: Who is Derrick Perkins?

Derrick Perkins, 45, a noted drug dealer, was arrested by Baton Rouge police detectives on Monday for his alleged role in the “improper disposal” of Millard’s body. He was wanted on unrelated warrants as well as for interrogation in the case.

Derrick Perkins (Baton Rouge Police Department)

Nathan Millard would last be seen around 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 23, but police would not say where. The individual who was with him is needed by the detectives to come forward and confirm where they were. If the authorities think Perkins is that person, they would not say so.


Second Suspect: Who is Tiffany Ann Guidry?

One of the two known prostitutes wanted in connection with the murder of 42-year-old Georgia father-of-five Nathan Millard, according to investigators in Baton Rouge, is currently in jail. Tabbetha Barner is still being searched by the authorities on suspicion of prostitution and failing to seek help.

About one mile from the lodgings Nathan Millard was using while visiting Louisiana, Tiffany Ann Guidry was arrested as she stood at the intersection of Terrance Street and Nicholson Drive. According to police, they received a tip about her whereabouts.

Tiffany Ann Guidry (Left) and Tabbetha Barner (Right)

(Credit: Baton Rouge Police Department)

Perkins, according to the records provided by the site, said that he picked up Millard and two additional individuals who were searching for narcotics early on February 23 and that they spent hours driving about in his car “getting high” on crack cocaine.

While in the city to scout out a potential job for his construction company, Millard allegedly overdosed in a dilapidated drug den with the two women there. Perkins claimed that after Millard and the two individuals entered a petrol station to use an ATM to withdraw money, the Georgia father returned to the vehicle and asked Perkins to take him somewhere else because he believed the others were attempting to “set him up to rob him.”

He claimed Millard told him he wanted “white girls,” so they picked up Guidry and Barner. He claimed they started drug use with the Georgian at a home on Lorri Burgess Avenue.

Perkins allegedly told investigators, about using syringes, “They were all up in there doing that s—. I don’t f— with that s—,”

He claimed that after that, the three requested him to use Millard’s debit card, which he instructed him to use as credit, to purchase several products from a nearby shop.

Perkins admitted to detectives that while he waited for Millard and the women to finish having sex, he later smoked crack outside. He claimed that Barner had requested more medications from him in the morning and that when he got back, she had fled the house, yelling that Millard had passed away.

Perkins claimed that Barner attempted to treat Millard with Narcan, a medication used to counteract overdoses. Before telling him he had to “get rid of the body,” the women also attempted to revive Millard using CPR, according to records reported by WBRZ.

The alleged drug dealer claimed to have “panicked” and asked Guidry for assistance in rolling Millard up in a rug before loading Millard into the car and abandoning it at the empty lot on Scenic Highway. On March 6, the remains of Millard were found. Perkins acknowledged selling his car to a group of males in the Dixie area and accused them of torching the car, which was later discovered.

Barner asserted that she had never seen Millard and that Perkins had been to her house looking for Narcan. She added that she had afterwards observed Perkins using Millard’s card at a convenience store on Highland Road.



Millard’s Wife Statement

The information regarding the two accused prostitutes was made public by WBRZ after it was revealed that Millard’s wife, Amber, got a terrifying phone call on March 6 suggesting that he might have been given “bad drugs” as part of Perkins’ alleged plan to obtain a reward for locating the body.

The caller, who is thought to be a woman, claimed Perkins had moved the body’s remains from one site to another after learning there was a prize being offered. Initial charges against Perkins included unlawful use of a vehicle, access device fraud, and property damage.

According to WBRZ, Nathan Millard allegedly told a security guard at a Greyhound bus terminal that he was seeking “something to make him feel better” and declined his assistance. He informed the guard he wanted “a girl to take back to his room” after leaving a bar where he had allegedly been cut off for having too much to drink.

After wrapping Millard’s body, Perkins allegedly placed it in the boot of his Toyota automobile and left it there for several days until the “odour got too bad.” As soon as word of Millard’s disappearance “gained national attention,” authorities claimed, the man attempted to “disguise” it by spray-painting his bumper, removing a rear bumper sticker, and switching the licence plate.

Their 7-year-old daughter Amber, two teenage boys from a previous marriage, and two teenage stepsons are all left behind. A toxicology report is needed before determining the official cause of death.


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