Nathan Apodaca AKA Doggface reportedly arrested, What happened? Explained

The skateboarder for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” Doggface, was taken into custody at his Idaho residence. Let’s see what happened to Nathan Apodaca AKA Doggface in detail.

DoggFace Arrested

According to the Idaho State Police, Nathan, also known as Doggface on social media, was detained and booked for two misdemeanors: marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was arrested and then freed on a $600 bond.

Police Report

According to police, a state trooper stopped a red Chevrolet Silverado. Because his registration tag had expired, Nathan Apodaca was operating a vehicle.

The officer said that when he approached the truck, he could smell marijuana.

The Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Skateboarder was arrested at his Idaho home.

Image : Bonneville County Jail.

While Nathan was looking for his registration, the officer claims he discovered edibles in the glove box. At that point, the trooper allegedly demanded Nathan exit the vehicle.

Nathan’s Explanation for the arrest

Nathan isn’t afraid to admit that he smokes marijuana; in fact, he released a music video with Snoop Dogg on April 20th for his rap debut and has spent a lot of time in California since becoming popular in 2020.

He has a different explanation of what happened during his arrest. According to Nathan, the police didn’t read me my Miranda rights before the arrest.

When authorities discovered marijuana, they initially stated that they would merely issue a ticket.

They then discovered a gun and informed me that I was being arrested because I was prohibited from owning a gun due to a prior criminal conviction.

However, I informed the authorities that I had no history of felonies. Despite the fact that I told them this, I was detained.

Before they admitted their massive error, I was detained in jail for a number of hours without being released on bond. I was then informed that I was simply being detained on a marijuana charge and could bond out.

To date, we have not heard back from Idaho State Police after contacting them regarding Nathan’s claims.


Who is Nathan Apodaca AKA Doggface?

Apodaca is well-known for his 2020 TikTok video in which he can be seen lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” skateboarding on a highway, and consuming cranberry juice. Apodaca had to skateboard to work at the time of the video because his car had broken down.

He was thrust into the national spotlight by the video, which has already received over 86 million views. This helped him land a guest-starring part on “Reservation Dogs,” which launched its second season on August 2.

It chronicles the exploits of four Native American teenagers who reside on a reservation in a rural area of Oklahoma.

The show has received praise from critics for accurately portraying the complexity and problems of Native Americans.


Nathan Apodaca continues to reside in Idaho Falls a year and a half later, but is now married and expecting a baby boy in the coming days.

He recently made an investment in an Oregon farm where he plans to launch a CBD brand. And he and Beat-Box collaborated on the alcoholic beverage “Cranberry Dreams.”

Nathan Apodaca says,

“It’s selling out. You know, It’s awesome, you know what I mean? I’m actually at Fred Meyer’s in Idaho Falls, Idaho, if you go in there, you can see the set up and everything, I go in there and do videos sometimes and it’s just mind boggling, me walking in there and seeing my face on a cardboard cut-out with a drink that’s from me, you know, and like I said teamed up with Beat-Box.”

“It’s just crazy man, you know what I mean, and like I said and like I said just to be able to give back to my mom, my parents, my dad, those who raised me up when I was little, you know being able to pay it forward.”

Problems faced by DoggFace

“Doggface,” a resident of Idaho Falls, Idaho, grew up with the same issues in big cities: drugs, gangs, etc.

Despite this, he would discover his purpose in life by choosing unusual turns on the way. Apodaca, who left high school at the age of 16, went on to work at a warehouse. His passion for his family, music and skating persisted throughout this time.

At the time he went viral, Nathan Apodaca was not a stranger to social media. On Instagram, he first developed a fan base that later transferred to TikTok. However, his daughter would introduce him to the now-famous TikTok app one summer.

Nathan remembered,

“Honestly, the only thing going through my mind was needing to get to work before I lose my bonus,” “My car had broken down and I was thinking about how I was getting to work, so I grabbed my board and took off.”

Going viral was not his objective, although he has a sizable following and creates content. Particularly on the day that his TikTok video received a million views.

Apodaca’s Optimistic View

Apodaca tells his admirers not to be concerned about any unfavorable things that people may say about them, especially online and expresses his gratitude for the platform he has to share this optimistic view. Don’t worry about the little things, he advises.

As he stated, “A lot of Natives suffer from suicide and anything like that. If you have friends who are feeling suicidal or anything like that, or you see the indications, reach out to them.” He also wants to utilize his platform to inspire people to be there for one another.

Not just Apodaca has benefited financially from the popularity of his most popular video. He didn’t get paid for TikTok using his likeness in a highly successful World Series commercial. Additionally, even though the video helped “Dreams” reappear on the charts and generated a lot of traffic on TikTok, the video itself proved challenging to monetize because he does not control the song’s or even the video’s rights.

Apodaca is still grateful, though, because the video led to a lot of other chances for him. He especially appreciates his management and Ocean Spray, who both helped him find sponsors.


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