Who is Bethel Ikena Chinezie? The man who attempted to infiltrate the State House is in critical condition

Bethel Ikena Chinezie

The suspect in the stabbing and disarming of a Presidential Guard at State House this morning has been identified by investigators as a Nigerian citizen. Let’s see who is Bethel Ikena Chinezie in detail.

Who is Bethel Ikena Chinezie?

The man who attacked the presidential guard was identified by the Police. The police Commissioner Clifton Hicken and Crime Chief Wendel Blanhum gave him the name Bethel Ikena Chinezie. He is 25 years old.

The criminal and the Presidential guard both have critical wounds that require hospitalization. The motive behind the attack has yet to be revealed. According to the police, Chinezie confronted Presidential Guard Telon Perreira in a security hut and declared his desire for the President.

As per the senior police source, “The GPF has requested via INTERPOL a thorough background investigation on him; additionally, whether he has any criminal history or is related to any criminal group.” He remains in the hospital with significant injuries, as does Perreira, whom he stabbed five times in the neck and body.

State House shooting- What happened?

Chinezie showed up to the southeast guard hut at State House, President Irfaan Ali’s official house, at around 7:30 in the morning, the GPF reported, and challenged the security detail, saying, “I want the President.”

According to the police complaint, Bethel Ikena Chinez pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the Presidential guard many times in the neck and upper body. The suspect stripped the wounded guard of his pistol as he fell to the ground, then fled to Carmichael Street where he started shooting.

Other Presidential guards and police officers in the area fired fire, and the suspect continued to fire until he was hit and collapsed at the intersection of Carmichael and New Market Streets, just outside the State House.

The injured man was seen on the road when Presidential guards and the Police approached him and ordered him to drop the weapon in a video of the incident taken by a passing motorist. The 9mm pistol was kicked out of the man’s hands as he was being mobbed.

He remained on the road for several minutes before being brought to the hospital, where the injured guard was also taken. Both males were sent to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Bethel Ikena Chinez remains a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital. The injured guard’s relatives and friends flocked to the hospital and were consoled by President Irfaan Ali, who also went there to get an update from the medical staff.

Police investigation:

The 9mm gun and many expended shells were found back at the scene, according to the Police. For more than three hours while the investigations were starting, the entire area around the State House was sealed off.

Investigators are seeking to learn more about the suspect. He reportedly most recently worked for a cleaning company. People who worked with him told that he didn’t talk much and that the only problem he may have had at work was being late for some cleaning tasks.

According to a workplace source, the individual has never shown signs of hostility, so it’s unclear what would have prompted the attack. Serious concerns about security and accessibility at State House have been expressed in light of the breach and attack at the President’s home.

The opposition A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) issued a statement condemning the incident, saying that using violence under any circumstances is unacceptable. They expressed the satisfaction that the president and his family are safe.

The APNU+AFC statement ended, “We also take this occasion to commend the presidential security guard for his courage. They wish him a full and rapid recovery from his terrible injuries.” The APNU+AFC also wished the injured guard a speedy recovery.


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