Nana Manford died: How did Jason Manford’s grandmother die? Cause of death Explained

Nana Manford
Jason Manford’s grandma, Leah Manford aka Nana Manford passed away


Popular British comedian, Jason Manford revealed that his grandmother Leah has passed away. Let’s see how did Nana Manford die and her cause of death in detail.

How did Nana Manford die?

Nana Manford, the grandmother of Jason Manford, has died at the age of 99. She died peacefully in her sleep this morning at her home.

Her Grandson Jason took to his social media handle and announced the death of his beloved grandmother.

He said: This was the last time I saw my Nana Manford, she passed away earlier today, quietly in her sleep at home.

She never was a bother, in life or death. I’m heartbroken that it was the few days that I was out of the country, tough to do a gig tonight but I know she wouldn’t have wanted me to let anyone down.

She adored comedy, and music & even tonight as I walk aimlessly through this busy airport listening to my playlist I can hear her influence & taste all over it.

Dementia had taken hold these past few months (I really wouldn’t wish that disease on my worst enemy) but in those lucid moments she still knew all the old songs, remembered all those fun nights of her youth with my Granddad Charlie & her best friend Elsie out on the town, ballroom dancing.

He also shared some of the beautiful memories with his nana while posting a beautiful tribute to her by sharing a video.

As a family, we are so proud of how we treated our Nana/Mum/Great Grandma right till the end & how we made her feel. She was gorgeous & we are all very lucky to have had her in our lives for so long. Life is about making memories with the people you love the most, he added.

So try & keep those family bonds strong even when it’s tough. Keep making memories where you can, don’t go to sleep on an argument, and try & let things go, there’s no greater gift than giving someone your time so every so often think of Nana Manford and just say to someone you love ‘you know what, we should all just go dancing one night.’

Goodnight Nana, love you., he wrote.


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Who was Nana Manford?

Nana Manford was a grandmother of the famous comedian/ singer, Jason Manford. Her real name was Leah Manford.

Jason was raised in Manchester and was born in Salford to an Irish father Ian Manford. He is presently a judge on Starstruck and hosts the BBC One game show Unbeatable. He is most recognized for his comedic works.

The 41-year-old, comedian, Jason John Manford had a lovable bond with his grandma Nana Manford. He shares about his grandma on his social media posts.

Manford’s grandmother has previously been highlighted on his social media, most notably when he played her his album A Different Stage from 2017. 

The comedian shared a video of his grandmother listening to his album of Showtune covers for the first time and explained that she was the project’s inspiration. He said that his grandma was a huge fan of his singing than the comedy.

Jason posted a touching video of the beloved grandma in 2017. He said: “Finally to my grandad and nana Manford — Charlie and Leah — who every Sunday at their house would play so many old songs and tunes from musicals that they became ingrained in my own musical taste to this day.” 

In the sweet video, Jason played Leah his album A Different Stage, after which she was seen wiping away tears. The pair could be seen singing along to Jason’s cover of Leah’s favorite song – Perry Como’s 1970 hit, ‘It’s Impossible’ in the video.

Nana Manford cause of death:

Jason shared that his 99-year-old, Leah Manford was admitted to the hospital after becoming ill. He revealed that his grandma Leah was taken to the hospital just hours before he was scheduled to leave on his holiday in late February.

On Instagram, he commended the 99-year-old for being such a ‘trooper’ beside a photo of Leah’s hospital admission band. He also mentioned that he will postpone his trip abroad in order to spend the night with his grandmother in A&E. 

After that, he frequently updated about his Nana’s health condition on his social media. He shared that his grandma had a dementia.

In March 2023, Jason provided followers with an update on Nana Manford’s health, explaining that she had stopped eating while being treated in the hospital.

She’s still in the hospital, sadly, he remarked. “Everyone is doing everything they can to get her home but she’s just stopped eating (even when given a box of her favorite chocolates for Mother’s Day!) not sure why, she says she wants to come home, but knows that eating will help this, but for whatever reason, maybe her dementia, she just won’t eat.” ,he stated.

And in April, he shared that his granny was finally home. He shared, “I thought I’d let you know that against all odds Nana Manford has made it back home!

“Thankfully my dad has just retired, my auntie Sharon is a saint and my mum is a nurse so it means she’ll be well looked after by people that love her.

Thanks to the staff at Wythenshawe Hospital who did their best under difficult circumstances & tough working environment!

Nana is 100 Dec 30th and she seems pretty determined to get there. Thanks again for all your kind messages! Bring on the Maccy d milkshakes 😂❤️”. 

Jason wished that his Nana will reach 100 this year and was very excited about it. But, unfortunately, his beloved grandma, Nana Manford passed away on 13 May 2023.

Tributes flooded social media after her demise news broke out.

Tributes to Nana Manford:

carolvorders commented,

What a woman Jason… will have made her burst with pride ❤️

Plane Comedy posted,

Super sad day here at PC. We are sorry to say that the lovely Nana Manford passed away this morning peacefully in her sleep.
If anyone has messaged Colin and not heard back it’s because he is spending the day with his family.
A remarkable lady who was 99years old and created a wonderful family who worshipped her. Always a smile on her face.
Rest in Peace lovely lady and watch over your lovely family as they get through this time

lorraine.chambers.9 posted,

So sorry Jason. I was crying at this beautiful video even before I read your sad news. The love you all had for your Nana has always shone through xxx

Matthew Booth posted,

Gone but never forgotten R.I.P Nana Manford one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known but most importantly our Queen and the matriarch of the entire Manford family it’ll be strange not seeing you around anymore you’ll be missed forever.

rachelkyle.3 posted,

So sorry to hear this sad news Jason, she was so lucky to have such a devoted grandson, deepest sympathies to you all ❤️


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