Missing: Who is Ken DeLand? How the US college student disappeared in France? Explained


Missing: Who is Ken DeLand? How the US college student disappeared in France? Explained

American student disappears in France while studying abroad. Let’s see Who is Ken DeLand and what happened to him in detail.

Who is Ken DeLand?

A student from St. John Fisher University has vanished in another country. Kenneth DeLand, who is studying abroad in Grenoble, France, has been reported missing, the school informs students in a message.

His host family, the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), and local law police are assisting in the hunt, according to News 10NBC. Deland, a resident of Clifton Springs, graduated from Midlakes High School.

He may be on the move, according to investigators, but they are unable to contact him. Call Fisher’s Office of Safety and Security at (585) 385-8025 if you have any information.

Ken Deland Missing case: Explained

An American student who was studying in France when he vanished for almost two weeks is the subject of a growing mystery. The search for Kenny Deland has become urgent for his parents.

“This is not conceivable. How did he disappear? What happened,” Carol Laws, Deland’s mother, stated. The 22-year-old senior at St. John Fisher University in New York was scheduled to come home next week after participating in a study abroad program in southeast France, but Laws claimed that in late November she received a call from a campus liaison.

Laws stated, “She claimed that since they hadn’t seen him in 24 hours, she had to file a missing person report. I am not present. I’m thousands of miles away but here.

Ken Deland’s Family’s Statement

The family was shocked because they had been in regular contact with their son, who they believed to be having a great time traveling. “He enjoys traveling. As a result, he has been eagerly anticipating this vacation. Deland’s father, Kenneth Deland, stated, “It’s not typical of Kenny to not get in touch with us and let us know what’s going on.

On November 27, his parents received a message from their son. He boarded a train close to the campus, according to his family, and traveled south. On the way, his phone rang. He was located on December 3 at a sports store, where he was spotted with $9 in his pocket and wearing a red jacket and grey cap.

FBI agent’s Statement

Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, said, “It would be crucial to understand who he has talked to, maybe in his age group in France or maybe he’s talked to folks back here in the United States on the phone.”

Given that Kenny is an adult, French authorities are looking into what they are calling a “worrying disappearance,” but they are claiming privacy regulations. His family only wants explanations. “If anyone knows how to assist the authorities in finding him, please do so. Please help us “Laws argued.

What did Ken’s family know about his disappearance?

On November 27, Kenny last spoke with his family using WhatsApp, a global instant messaging service. He appears to have left the Grenoble home of his host family and taken a train to Valence, which is roughly 90 miles distant.

On November 30, his phone received a ping, and his bank permitted police to follow his purchases. He bought something for $8.40 on the morning of December 3 at a sporting goods shop in Montélimar, which is about 50 kilometers from Valence.

A surveillance camera also captured Kenny, 22, entering the shop. That is the last time anyone saw him. Ken DeLand stated, “We genuinely don’t know where he is at this point. We are constantly checking WhatsApp, social media, and our phones. Just so out of character for him, this.

According to DeLand, St. John Fisher, the American Institute for Foreign Study, and Kenny’s host family have been collaborating with French law police as well as the American embassy. Kenny can’t leave France legally since he is on the French missing-persons list and his passport has been flagged.

Additionally, the office of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was notified, which led to the opening of a congressional investigation and the notification of the FBI.

However, according to Ken DeLand, authorities are prohibited from disclosing information without Kenny’s approval through a waiver due to French privacy regulations for those above a particular age.

He was deemed an adult and age 21 when he traveled to France, Ken said. “We didn’t believe he needed to fill out a consent form,”

Website Created For Ken Deland

Findkendeland.com   a website created by Kenny’s family features pictures and other details about him. His studies abroad were supposed to be finished on December 17. His visa is up on January 20. Kenny got along well with his host family, according to Ken DeLand. His “host mother” took him to Switzerland and Italy throughout the summer.

He claimed, “He would constantly tell us about the late dinners the family had and what he was eating. Before moving overseas, he studied French. He sincerely desired to attend. In addition, none of Kenny’s high school or college classmates had heard from him, according to his parents. They contest Kenny’s claims that he was seeing a woman in France.

It’s been incredibly challenging, Laws remarked, her voice occasionally quivering. “All we want Kenny to know is that he is loved and that we want him back safe.”

At this point, Ken DeLand continued, “we are just trying to be positive and hope that this gets resolved with Kenny coming home safe. “If it comes to it, we are ready to go to France — to put our boot on the ground, put up posters, whatever we have to do.”



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