Who is Nathan Van Alfred Luong? Meet the Minnesota pastor who has sexual relationship with a teenager, explained

Nathan Van Alfred Luong

Nathan Van Alfred Luong, a pastor from Rochester, Minnesota, is accused of illegal sexual activity. Let’s see who is Nathan Van Alfred Luong and why he was arrested in detail.

Who is Nathan Van Alfred Luong?

Former Minnesota pastor, Nathan Van Alfred Luong was arrested for having sex with a teen who was seeking spiritual advice and faith counseling.

According to the reports, Luong, 36, is charged with three charges, including “criminal sexual conduct during a religious guidance discussion.”

Luong was charged on Friday after the Sleepy Eye Police Department received numerous complaints about his misbehavior. Luong told a reporter, “that he had a sexual relationship with the teen at Trinity Lutheran Church”

Between October 2019 and February 2020, sexual contact with the then-17-year-old juvenile occurred in the church as well as on a youth trip to Montana.

How did the police arrest Luong?

Olmsted County Human Services alerted the Sleepy Eye Police Department to the incident, and after a seven-month investigation, Luong was arrested.

After authorities investigated the tips, Luong initially denied having relations with the teen in May 2022. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension received DNA evidence from Sleepy Eye police for testing.

The church’s sofa cover was taken for DNA testing. Sperm cells from the cover matched Luong in October 2022. After authorities used a warrant to examine the female, they also found a female’s DNA on the cover. The woman confessed to having several sex encounters with Luong at the church and his house when she was 17 and 18.

Luong has been arrested and will appear in court once more on December 23. Former Trinity Lutheran Church pastor is presently being held in the Brown County Jail.

Luong was accused of third-degree criminal sexual behavior based on that evidence and SEPD interviews. Bail was set at $50,000 for Nathan Van Alfred Luong of Rochester.

Although authorities believe the little girl was Luong’s only victim, they urge any further victims to get in touch with Sleepy Eye Police Detective Shawn Bohnen at (507) 794-3711.


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