Who is John Nsalu? Man arrested for raping 5-year-old child


 Who is John Nsalu? Man arrested for raping 5-year-old child

A 27-year-old shop owner in Ntchisi has been detained by police after being accused of raping a 5-year-old girl. Let’s see Who is John Nsalu in detail.


Who is John Nsalu?

Police in Ntchisi has detained a 27-year-old shop owner for allegedly defiling a 5-year-old girl who visited the store with friends to purchase candy.

He is a native of M’baduka Village in the District’s Traditional Authority Kalumo’s territory, according to Constable Glory Kondowe, Deputy PRO at the Ntchisi Police Station.

According to reports, John Nsalu, the shop owner, persuaded the girl to visit his establishment by promising her more candy. Later, he pursued the victim’s pals.

Nsalu defiled the girl three times while she was in the shop and afterward threatened to murder her if she told anybody about the incident.

The victim’s grandmother Reported

The incident was discovered after the victim’s grandmother observed a peculiar movement on her. She inquired, and the victim described what happened. The grandma informed the police about the situation, which resulted in the culprit’s capture.

John Nsalu will shortly appear in court to defend himself against the charge of defiling property in violation of Section 138 of the Penal Code.

People’s reactions to this Incident

Rabson Lonjerani

This was a plot by elderly girls, they can’t leave the minor behind, this is the cooked plan, and the elders must also be arrested.

Jonathan Chiumia

When something happens you surely don’t know it’s witchcraft or obsession 5 years for the what? And why. Where was the mother?

Francis Matamando Kanzimbi

This is a sad development. Kumakhala kukhwima or what, I hope this convict will face the law

Fred Lemon

I caught them before he allegedly defiled the minor three times Mmmmm it’s too bad

K Starr Mwi

He deserves to be sentenced to 60 years in prison because Umineko ndikupha future ya innocent child

Elizabeth Merrycious Chihepa

Some people don’t deserve to be treated as humans, for they already fail to act as one. Total inhumane.

Joyful Kandiado Mkweteza

Great job our deputy pro!!!!

Wawa Ngozo Madzi

Then boom the suspect has been given a fine of 10 pins and a suspended sentence as he is a first offender




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