Why is Men’s day celebrated on March 19 in some countries?


Mens day march 19

Men’s day march 19: International Men’s Day is celebrated every March 19 in some countries such as Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador, and others, as a date to promote the positive role of the male community in society. One of the goals of his commemoration is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by men, such as the suicide rate. Learn about the history of this date and why it is celebrated here.

Since when is Men’s Day celebrated?

Men’s day march 19: It is important to clarify that, in the United States, Thomas Oaster, director of the Center for Men’s Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas, established in 1992 that the commemoration for International Men’s Day is on November 19. Other goals, in addition to the one described above, are to promote positive male role models, equity, and health.

Why is Men’s Day celebrated every March 19?

Men’s day march 19: This is part of a religious theme. In some countries, it is celebrated on March 19 because that same day, according to the Catholic religion, Saint Joseph of Nazareth, the adoptive father of Jesus, is celebrated.

Six Pillars of Men’s Day

  • To promote positive male influences, not just movie stars and athletes, but everyday, working-class men who lead decent, honest lives.
  • Men’s positive efforts to society, community, marriage, family, child care, and the environment are being recognized.
  • To concentrate on men’s health and well-being on all levels: social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
  • To draw attention to discrimination against men in areas such as social services, expectations, social attitudes, and the law.
  • To promote gender equality and improve gender relations.
  • To make the world a better place where people can feel safe and grow to their full potential.

Men’s Day is not the opposite of Women’s Day

Many confuse that the celebration of Men’s Day is a date imposed in opposition to Women’s Day. On the first date mentioned, its commemoration is not widely recognized and promotes aspects such as health and, currently, male models that contribute to gender equality.

For its part, on March 8 it calls for large demonstrations in various countries and recalls the historical struggle of women for their rights, in addition to demanding an end to gender-based violence and impunity.

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