How did Marvin Powell die? Former Jets lineman cause of death Revealed

How did Marvin Powell die Former Jets lineman cause of death Revealed

The New York Jets revealed on Sunday that legendary offensive lineman from the 1970s and 1980s Marvin Powell passed away on Friday. Let’s see what happened, How did Marvin Powell die, and his cause of death in detail.


How did Marvin Powell die?

Initially, Family member Chuckie Johnson reports on social media that Marvin Powell of Seventy-First, possibly the most honored football player in Cumberland County history, has passed.

Then the team said Marvin Powell, a former tackle for the Jets, passed away on Friday at the age of 67, on Sunday. The New York Jets chairman Woody Johnson confirmed the news by stating,

Our entire Jets family is saddened to learn of the passing of longtime and outstanding Jets, Marvin Powell and Jim Sweeney. We’re thinking of their families today.

Wesley Walker, a former Jets wide receiver, remarked that “This is just shocking, to lose two former teammates like this, so close together,”

He added that Marvin was among the greatest lineman he had ever seen. “He was just a physical specimen. He was just good. I just loved him.”


Marvin Powell cause of death

According to ESPN, Powell’s son, Marvin Powell III, claims that the cause of his death was heart failure. But no further details have been made public.

Powell is survived by four children, Marvin III, Jackson, Amerique, and Veronique, and three grandchildren, Morgan, Josephine, and Marvin IV.

Powell, who resided in the Tampa, Florida, region, had recently lost touch with his former teammates.


NFL Career

The Jets selected Powell, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, with the fourth overall choice in the 1977 draught out of USC. He earned a starting position as a rookie and went on to become one of the greatest and most admired players in the club, being chosen for the Pro Bowl five times in a row from 1979 to 1983. Powell was 1979, 1981, and 1982 All-Pro.

Powell’s teammates also chose him as the 1979 Jets MVP.

While representing the player union, Powell was also one of the most well-liked players in the league. After being chosen as the NFLPA’s vice president, Powell presided over the organization for two years. The New York Law School graduate, who was born at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, interned at the New York Stock Exchange before graduating in 1987.

Marvin III Powell, a fullback for New Orleans in 1999, appeared in nine contests.


Tributes to Marvin Powell

Larry Rader posted,

RIP. #79. In a year when the jets are honoring Mangold and Ferguson in their ring of honor, we lose another top pick who lived up to his high pick in every way as a decade-long stalwart starter and frequent pro bowler on the offensive line.

Heskey Brucker said,

I remember the old Marvin Powell when he first came to NY to play for the Jets, he talked about one day becoming the first Black President of the United States. I remember those comments and he was serious. MP was more than a Football player.

Charlie Klatas said,

RIP Marvin… Walt Michaels did it the right way, build that team starting with his tackles. “Our bookends for the next 10 years” (1978) said Michaels at the time. Walt wasn’t too far off — for their six seasons together, Powell and Ward were arguably the Jets’ most formidable set of bookend tackles in franchise annals. Michaels did it the right way. RIP Marvin and Walt.

Joshua Anthony said,

He was probably worried the Jets were gonna try to bring him back with how shot our line is. Rip to a legend!



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