Who is Maddie Budd? Why did Eco zealot pour faeces on Captain Sir Tom Moore memorial? Revealed

Who is Maddie Budd

The eco-warrior who sparked outrage by throwing a pail of human faeces on a Captain Sir Tom Moore memorial has been reported to police. Let’s see Who is Maddie Budd.

A protestor campaigning against the use of private jets in the UK targeted a Captain Tom Moore memorial in Derbyshire.

A video of the event has been shared on the social media pages of the campaign organisation End UK Private Jets.

Who is Maddie Budd?

Maddie Budd, 21, threw trash on the statue of the late British Army officer in Thistley Meadow, Hatton, Derbyshire. Captain Sir Tom Moore got to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic when he set out on a journey to take 100 walks around his yard in order to collect funds for NHS Charities.

He had raised £32.79 million by the time he reached 100.


What happened to Maddie Budd

Maddie Budd, a former medical student from Wales, said of her protest, “People are going to say he’s a hero, people are going to say this is horribly, obscenely insulting to his life, and to the NHS he stood up for, and I agree.”

“I was studying to be a doctor because I believe in helping people.”

“If we believe that the NHS is important, if we believe in caring for one another, if we believe that NHS personnel are performing important job, why are we causing our healthcare system, why are we forcing our civilisation to collapse?”

“All of this is true, and the government will not even put an end to UK private jets, because every time one takes off, it dumps a bucket of **** and blood onto everything Captain Tom stood for.”


UK Private Jets

Captain Sir Tom Moore was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in July 2020 at Windsor Castle, and he got more than 150,000 birthday cards.

On February 2, 2021, he died in Bedford Hospital.

End UK Private Jets is a campaign opposing luxurious and unnecessary carbon emissions, with an emphasis on the use of private jets in the United Kingdom.



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