Lesley Trotter found dead: 78 Brisbane retired teacher found dead in wheelie bin near Toowong

Lesley Trotter found dead: 78 Brisbane retired teacher found dead in wheelie bin near Toowong

The body of missing Queensland woman Lesley Trotter was picked up by a rubbish truck as per the police. Let’s see more details about the incident.

What happened to Lesley Trotter?

Queensland Police believe Lesley Trotter, 78, died sometime between midnight on March 27 and 12 pm the following day after finding blood near her unit complex bins in the west Brisbane suburb of Toowong last Friday.

Police think that the body of a missing retired teacher from Brisbane was thrown in a wheelie bin, picked up by a garbage truck, and brought to a disposal facility.

Investigators have identified a possible location for the remains of Lesley Trotter, 78, and are treating her death as suspicious, according to Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham. Police said they did not have a suspect.

Lesley Trotter found dead: 78 Brisbane retired teacher found dead in wheelie bin near Toowong

On-Going Investigation

According to ongoing investigations, Lesley Trotter’s body was discovered in a general garbage wheelie bin on Maryvale Street in Toowong, close to where she lived, on the morning of March 28 of this year. According to Massingham, a garbage truck picked up the container that morning and took it to a waste transfer station in Nudgee.

The rubbish was then dumped into a pit, Massingham explained, and an additional 22 trucks visited that site on Tuesday. “The loads from each of those trucks were compressed, and then taken away from that facility in six B-double semi-trailers,” he said. “Those semi-trailers made their way to dump sites at both Rochedale and Swanbank, with Rochedale taking one truck and Swanbank taking five trucks.

“The location of that rubbish at each of those sites has now been quarantined, in fact, it was quarantined over the weekend. “We are currently planning an extensive search of both those sites to try and recover the remains of the person we believe to be Lesley Trotter.”

About Strong Evidence in the Case

According to Massingham, authorities have “strong evidence” that Trotter’s body may be in the restricted areas.

He declined to go into detail about Trotter’s wounds but said that “due to the positioning of the body” it was impossible for authorities to rule out foul play.

Last Monday, Massingham told reporters that police were looking into whether Trotter’s practice of checking to make sure her neighbors put their recycling in the right bin contributed to her demise.

On Tuesday, Massingham reiterated, “We can’t rule out that had something to do with her death in some way.”

As Per the Reports

Police believe Trotter died between midnight on March 27 and the following morning, and were awaiting results from forensics on blood samples found near units near Trotter’s property. When asked whether there had been attempts to access Trotter’s bank accounts, Massingham said he could not comment.

While the search for rubbish tips was not uncommon, the scale of Trotter’s case would make it “quite complex” for police, Massingham said. “I expect once engineers finalize their ability to scale down areas of search, we will be in a position by the end of this week to commence a piece by piece of that general waste to recover her body.” Police were continuing to intercept motorists on Maryvale Street to remind them to check their dashcam footage.

A traumatic experience for Trotter’s family

Massingham said the news was traumatic for Trotter’s family. “I think this is confronting for them – the nature of what I’ve relayed to you would be concerning for any family, particularly a lady of that age … who was looking forward to the next chapter of her life. “It’s a very sad story.”

Lesley Trotter found dead: 78 Brisbane retired teacher found dead in wheelie bin near Toowong

Social Media Reactions

Gail Annette Posted

People are overreactions to stupid things cause major problems
Long-Term Problems. One person always gets away with being the one who caused the issue in the first place.

Sandra Davis Posted

In this day and age with just about everyone having security cameras in their yards, you would think that someone has seen what has happened to her.

Andrea Bear Posted

I worried about some of my clients when I worked in Aged Care. Doing the same, going through people’s bins & putting recyclables into the appropriate bin.
The other residents were more upset that their personal rubbish was being gone threw {their privacy} not so much any litter on the ground as a result of their bins being gone through. Had a few that would go through everybody’s mailboxes also. It is very sad ~ I hope her family gets answers.

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