Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas? Spotted together, Lorenzo Lamas says his daughter likes the titanic star


Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas? Spotted together, Lorenzo Lamas says his daughter likes the titanic star

Victoria Lamas and Leonardo DiCaprio were recently seen out to dinner, which sparked rumors that they were seeing each other. Let’s see Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas and Lorenzo Lamas statement in detail.


Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas?

Superstar of Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio is infamous for dating a number of celebrities and supermodels. He is currently in the news once more because he is dating Victoria Lamas, a 23-year-old actress. Actor Lorenzo Lamas, the actress’ father, speaks out in the wake of the announcement of their bond.

Last week, Leonardo and Victoria were seen in West Hollywood together, perhaps on a date. Soon, a word about them spread like wildfire, and social media was flooded with photographs of them. Now, according to the actress’s father, she is “smitten” with Leo.

Spotted Together

Let’s go back to the rumors about Victoria Lamas and Leonardo DiCaprio dating. The pair were seen together at a dinner in The Bird Streets Club last night. At the dinner, they were seen in separate photos, but afterward, they were seen getting into the same car. A Hollywood insider broke the quiet and stated that the pair “are not dating” as the relationship rumors gained momentum.

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According to her father, Lorenzo Lamas, who spoke exclusively to The Post, actress Victoria Lamas is “smitten” with Leonardo DiCaprio but isn’t dating the Oscar-winning playboy.

Lorenzo remarked, “I know she likes him. They likely met last month, I believe. That’s what she said, although I’m not certain of the circumstances. The 1980s heartthrob said on Wednesday that his 23-year-old daughter had gushed about DiCaprio, 48, during a Christmas Eve phone chat after she had been spotted getting into the actor’s car on December 20 in West Hollywood.

Lorenzo Lamas’s Statement

The 64-year-old Lorenzo told The Post, “She’s quite smitten.” “I advised her to enjoy the relationship as much as possible for as long as it lasts, just like a vacation. And if it continues past a traditional holiday, that’s fantastic. If not, then simply keep your heart safe, you know? because of how young she is.

The former “Falcon Crest” star, who is a father of six children, even cracked a dad joke when describing his daughter’s conversation with the “Titanic” actor.

Lorenzo made a joke, “I simply informed her, you know, absolutely no trans-Atlantic voyages with Leo.” Anyhow, I’m happy for her. I am aware that she hasn’t been in a committed relationship for a time. She tends to give freely because she has a huge heart.

But just 15 minutes later, Lorenzo allegedly received a warning from his daughter, who he said “simply wants to keep everything secret,” and he phoned The Post again. Lorenzo acknowledged, “I only spoke to you because I felt it would be a good thing, but she does not feel that way.

They don’t have a committed relationship; they are just buddies. And I simply want that to be understood. The relationship was then described by Lamas as a “friendship,” stating that Victoria and DiCaprio had first connected in a “social context” as opposed to a romantic one.

They were once observed in a bar in West Hollywood, according to Lamas. That is not dating, by the way, Lamas rebuffed a question about whether Victoria was still “quite smitten” with DiCaprio, saying, “Yeah, smitten, but they’re not dating. She likes him, as you could expect.

However, she does not want it known that they are not dating because that would be extremely horrible. If he were to read that they aren’t dating when they aren’t, it would be embarrassing for her.

Who is Victoria Lamas?

Victoria Lamas is an actress and a model. Victoria Lamas, a model born on April 24, 1999, has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. According to her bio, she has contracts with Innovative Artists, Luber Roklin Entertainment, and Natural Models LA.
She uses her social media accounts frequently.

Also, she is the child of Playboy model Shauna Sand and actor Lorenzo Lamas. Her parents both have a history in the entertainment business. Her father is well-known for appearing in the TV shows Big Time Rush, Renegade, Falcon Crest, and Leave it to Lamas.

According to her IMDb biography, actress Victoria Lamas has made appearances in a few short films and series during 2019 and 2020. In the short film Disguise, she made her screen debut. In the following years, she appeared in Talk Later, A Virtuous Man, The Last Thing the Earth Said, and Two Niner.

Additionally, she played Tessa in an episode of the television show Secret Identity. Lamas also received credit for her work in the movie History of Fear’s art department.

Victoria Lamas also enjoys paintings and other art forms, as evidenced by the frequent posting of her creations on Instagram. She also displays behind-the-scenes footage of her acrylic-based artwork.

On the website DePop, the 23-year-old model also resells her clothing to followers and fans. Aside from some branded things like a Pink Louis Vuitton pocketbook, the items on the website, according to Hollywood Life, range in price from $10 to $60.

Following rumors that DiCaprio was dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, pictures of Lamas hanging out with the actor surfaced. This was in spite of his alleged propensity to dump partners who are older than 25.

They were initially seen together in September 2022 at a New York Fashion Week celebration, but they have since kept their rumored affair a secret. Leonardo once dated Camila Morrone, a model.


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