Kyle Barrow (aka keezy) bike accident: Beloved 27 year-old Manchester man died tragically in turkey

Kyle Barrow passed away in a bike accident. (Source:

Kyle Barrow passed away tragically in an accident with a truck; his family and friends are now beginning a long, difficult journey of grief. Everyone who knew and interacted with Kyle Barrow (also known as Keezy) was familiar with him. He had a profound impact on everyone’s lives in various ways, and he will be sorely missed. Keep reading to more about the tragic accident in detail.


How did Kyle Barrow die?

Kyle Barrow (also known as Keezy) tragically passed away in an accident on June 7 in Turkey.

His close buddy Cal Junior, who was with him when the accident happened, broke the awful news on Facebook. To celebrate their first holiday, they were both on vacation in Turkey.

He wrote,

“It is with the heaviest heart imaginable that I have to tell you that Kyle was in an accident this afternoon and his life has sadly been lost 💔 We are in Turkey and I’m doing my best to understand what I need to do next but will update everyone when I can.
RIP my best friend for life, passed away in my arms.. gone too soon….we will meet again one day boo boo.. the memories will last forever. I love you.”



Kyle Barrow bike accident: Cause of death

While riding his bike, Kyle got engaged in a collision with a lorry. He died in the arms of his friend Cal Junior while still smiling and staring him in the eyes; although knowing that his time was over, he was still joyful. It was his first-ever holiday, and the day before Kyle died, he and his friend Cal did a lot of things that made him feel like he had accomplished life. He has never been happier, according to Cal, than he was yesterday.

Cal Junior shared a sweet reminiscence of his connection with Kyle Barrow. Cal said Everyone knew how close he and Kyle were. Nothing and no one could ever stand in their way. Cal trusted Kyle more than anybody else, and every day spent with him was the finest day of his life. He could always put a grin on Cal’s face and make him laugh no matter what.

They had an unbreakable connection between them, and Cal claims it still doesn’t feel real. He stated that he did not share his feelings for Kyle with anybody else. It’s a pain he’s never felt before, and he wishes no one ever feels the way he does.

He claimed he had lost his greatest friend, brother, partner in crime, right-hand guy, and a significant portion of his life that only actually mattered. Cal asked everyone not to be sad, and Kyle wanted everyone to smile at the memories they shared with him.


GoFundMe Page:

Kyle Barrow’s pals have organized two fundraisers.

One fundraiser is to cover the cost of getting him back to the UK after being told his insurance would not cover the cost.

It read,

“We’ve been dealt another devastating blow today after being told his insurance cannot cover the cost of bringing him back to the UK due to being purchased whilst we were were already in Turkey.

Kyle was loved by everyone and it is with the heaviest heart and deepest sense of urgency that I ask for your support and kindness during this difficult time. Any donation, no matter how small, will go directly towards covering the expenses associated with flying Kyle from Turkey, back to the UK and towards the send off that he deserves.

I’d like to thank everyone for their messages and well wishes, they’ve not gone unnoticed.

Please help us get our Keezy home

Cal x”

Another fundraising is being held to assist the Kyle family with funeral expenses.

It read,

“This Fund has been set up by Tom on behalf of Kyles family, Verified and approved by Marc (His Dad).
Goal for Funeral: £3,000
Goal for other fees: Unknown

100% of proceedings will be donated to Marc (Father of Kyle).”

Tributes to Kyle Barrow

Everyone, including friends and family, is currently exhausted from grieving for Kyle Barrow, thinking about him, praying for his afterlife, and posting condolences on social media.

Aaron Barrow wrote: : “R.I.P cuz still can’t belive it only last week we was having a drink sleep tight big man ❤️❤️

Joelle Allrt wrote: “Iam going to miss you kyle barrow had so many memories recently with you fly high big lad still not hit me yet 😭

Wayne Odonell wrote: “Can’t believe the sad news iv seen on FB about Kyle barrow he will be sadly missed took to soon sorry for the family and close friends 💔😢🙏🏽💔💔💔

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.

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