Juyeon (The Boyz) Birthday – Some of the lesser-known facts about the artist

Juyeon birthday today


Juyeon birthday: IST Entertainment’s Juyeon is a South Korean singer and dancer. He’s a member of THE BOYZ, a boy band. Today is Juyeon birthday, and he turns 24 today. On Twitter, his fans are creating a huge buzz. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about the artist today.


Juyeon facts – Everything you need to know

  • Juyeon is from the South Korean city of Gwangju-si in the province of Gyeonggi-do.
  • Juyeon has a younger brother.
  • Juyeon attended Seoul Samyook High School.
  • Joel Lee is his English name.
  • The number 11 is his representative number.
  • Juyeon stated that he is in charge of The Boyz’ Japanese. (For The Boyz Japan Official Twitter, a self-introduction)
  • Juyeon is fluent in English.
  • In elementary school, Juyeon was a member of the student committee president and got the National Assemblyman’s Commendation.
  • He went on a family vacation and was seeing a play one night when a casting director approached him and handed him a business card; this is how he got cast.
  • Juyeon’s hand measures 20.5 cm in length. 
  • Dance and flexibility are two of his specialties.
  • Even in jeans, he can do the splits.
  • Light green is Juyeon’s favorite color.
  • Juyeon enjoys basketball and recently participated in the Gyeonggi Youth Basketball Tournament
  • Juyeon and Younghoon walked in the 2017 Seoul Fashion Week.
  • Juyeon is a big fan of Hello Kitty and has a lot of Hello Kitty stuff at home.
  • Milk is Juyeon’s favorite beverage – Juyeon is easily irritated.
  • Pigeons make Juyeon nervous.
  • Juyeon stutters and sweats profusely.
  • Before making his debut, he trained for two years and six months.
  • He adores the outdoors.
  • He considers himself to be the finest cook among his peers.
  • His earliest ambition was to play basketball.
  • Juyeon is afraid of scary movies, according to Sangyeon and Q. (Vlive) – Juyeon is “deceptively innocent (contrary to his appearance) and very naive,” according to Q (in ‘Flower Snack’).
  • Juyeon claims that he is rarely sick, but when he is, it is generally serious and necessitates a trip to the hospital.
  • Juyeon is meant to be wearing the spectacles that he has been prescribed.
  • When Juyeon started having trouble going asleep, he said he stopped developing.
  • Jun from U-Kiss/UNB is Juyeon’s buddy.
  • TVXQ Yunho is a huge admirer of Juyeon’s. When he first encountered Yunho, he sobbed. (MBC
  • Dream Radio) He was featured in Melody Day’s music video for “You Seem Busy.”
  • Juyeon’s ideal type is someone with whom he feels at ease, like a buddy.


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