Juniata county shooting: Jacques Rougeau jr, PA state police trooper killed, suspect Brandon stine was killed

On Saturday in Juniata County, two state troopers from Pennsylvania were shot while on duty. (Source: local21news.com)

Two violent interactions with the same armed suspect Brandon Stine took place in central Pennsylvania, with the first taking place close to State Police barracks, leaving one state trooper, Jacques Rougeau Jr., dead and another badly hurt. During the gunfight with the trooper, Brandon Stine, the suspect, was also fatally shot. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


Juniata county shooting:

On Saturday in Juniata County, two Pennsylvania state troopers were wounded when they were doing their duties. One trooper passed away from his wounds, and the other was taken with significant wounds to a local hospital.

Thompsontown resident Brandon Stine pulled his 2008 Chevrolet Silverado truck into the PSP Lewistown Station’s parking lot. Around 12:45, Stine confronted the troopers and shot one of them. They were sent to the hospital with critical injuries.

Stine was found soon before 3 p.m. in Walker Township, Juniata County, between Swamp Road and Baumgardner Drive. Stine and the trooper were both killed in a gunfight between them and the suspect.


Witness Statement:

At the time of the first shooting, James Letner, a resident of Port Royal, had just finished playing tennis with some pals at a nearby open court in Mifflintown.

Letner said,

“I heard two shots fired, and then a car accident.”

He claimed that after racing to the scene, he witnessed a state police cruiser collided with a telephone pole. The trooper, who was presumably shot while driving, had already been taken out of the vehicle by onlookers who were also attempting to give him first aid.

Letner claimed that bystanders told him that the trooper seemed to have sustained two shots. According to immediate emergency communications, the trooper was injured in the shoulder.

Following the initial firing, a vigorous search was conducted throughout Juniata County for the shooter, who was thought to be driving a silver pickup.

Jacques Rougeau jr, PA state police trooper killed:

PSP has not officially released the names of the participating troopers, but the Pennsylvania Trooper Philip C. Melley Memorial Lodge #65 of the Fraternal Order of Police has offered a memorial for the trooper Jacques Rougeau Jr.

The general public is not under danger, although PSP advises avoiding the area because of the active situation.

Shawnna Elsasser, a resident, recorded video of the incident, which audibly depicts the exchange of gunfire with multiple shots noisily ringing out on camera.

According to law officials, when the man and the troopers exchanged gunfire, one trooper was shot and died along with the suspect.


Government Official’s Statement:

The injured trooper from the incident at 12:45 p.m. was taken to the hospital, and Governor Shapiro and PSP Colonel Christopher Paris are currently there.

The identities of the two Troopers and the shooter will be made public later, according to PSP. At this point, it is uncertain what caused the incident.

Josh Shapiro, the governor, tweeted the following:

“This afternoon, a PA State Police trooper was killed in the line of duty in Juniata County. Another trooper was shot and is now stable but in critical condition.

Each one put themselves on the line to protect their fellow troopers — and to protect their fellow Pennsylvanians.

I just left the hospital where the injured trooper is being treated. PA State Police Commissioner Paris and I thanked his colleagues for their service and prayed for his recovery.

Lori and I send our love to the family of the trooper killed today. May his memory be a blessing.”

The Pennsylvania State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police expressed their “devastation” over the fatal shooting of “not one, but two” troopers, one of whom “made the ultimate sacrifice.”

The lodge’s president, Joseph Regan, said in a social media post,

“Bravery and honor best describe these troopers, and we will hold their heroic actions in our hearts and minds forever.”

The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association’s president, David Kennedy, said the state “has lost one hero while another fights for his life.” The association comprises 4,300 active and retired troopers.

He said,

“Pennsylvania has lost one hero while another fights for his life.

The bravery of these Troopers and their loved ones will stay in our hearts forever.”


Condolence Messages

On Facebook, the Pocono Township Police Department expressed their sympathies to the family of the fallen trooper.

Pocono Township Police Department wrote: “Yesterday a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper in Juniata County made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with the fallen trooper’s family, his fellow troopers, and all effected by this tragedy. We have the watch from here.”

One wrote: “My heart aches for the troopers’ families. Our law enforcement deserves so much gratitude and respect for their sacrifice. Honestly, how many of us would willingly put our lives on the line daily to protect and serve our communities? Just cannot shake the heaviness of this tragedy, tonight.”

Ashley Spencer, whose brother-in-law was a trooper and was also killed while doing his job in 2022, expressed her sympathy on Facebook.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, at least 25 American law enforcement officers have now been killed by gunfire while performing their duties this year. The Officer Down Memorial Page website reports that 61 U.S. law enforcement officers were shot and died while performing their duties in 2022.


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