How did Julian Stefoni die? Musician cause of death & Obituary

_How did Julian Stefoni die Musician cause of death & Obituary

A talented musician Julian Stefoni died. (Source: Julian’s Facebook)

Julian Stefoni, the lead singer of the Erotic City Prince Tribute and an outstanding artist, died. People are looking for answers on the cause of the death of brilliant musician Julian Stefoni.

He was always regarded as a true believer in his abilities and a believer in the love of excellent music and good vibrations shared by his fans. Read ahead to know what happened to him and Julian Stefoni’s exact cause of death here.

Julian Stefoni’s death: What happened to him?

Julian Stefoni, a highly well-known artist, has passed dead, according to recent internet reports. He was a compassionate and extraordinarily gifted musician, and his Prince homage, Erotic City Prince homage, was always spectacular.

His abrupt death left many people in shock and sadness, and the word of his passing quickly spread on social media.

As per online tributes and an official statement released by Prince Again a musician Band on their official Facebook page, it was confirmed that Stefoni passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. Read the following statement below.

Sorry just to be clear Julian from Erotic City our purple brother passed away. Prince Again’s front man Bettis is the lead in our band Prince Again.

We will be dedicating a show to Julian when we play Portland his home town on September 25 at the Alberta Rose Theater. Sad news today.

Julian Stefoni the lead with the Erotic City Prince Tribute passed away. We send our purple love to all his friends and family during this difficult time. Rest in Purple Peace Julian Stefoni

Julian Stefoni cause of death: what illness he had before death?

We regret to report that Julian passed away after a hard battle with cancer. Thus his cause of death was confirmed as Lung Cancer.

One of the finest musicians and adored voices fell silent on May 16, 2023, as multitalented and most lovable person Julian Stefoni lost his prolonged battle with Lung cancer. He was loved by many around the world.

Following his sad demise, Julian’s well-wishers and fans want to learn more about his illness before death and want to find out more about Julian’s cancer diagnosis.

On his Facebook page, Julian penned a number of posts about the harsh cancer treatments he underwent and how he handled them. When he was first diagnosed with aggressive cancer, he wanted nothing more than to fight and get back onstage.

Julian discusses his cancer diagnosis and the symptoms he experiences (Sep 2022)

Hello, my purple friends and family! Im still here just going through the process and journey of it, lots of changes lots of new things from the Radiation and chemo to deal with since im dealing with Lung Cancer, one of the few that creates a deadly mess and terrible symptoms to deal that can grow worse in time like shortness of breath, chest pains and caught nothing worse when your whole body hurts from a single cough right now.

Read his final post during his hospice care (30 April 2023)

Dear God wher ever u take me r u take me please bring my purple family with me life is empty e infection is empty with out them take me peace me me me peacefully this pain is too muc is too much.

Julian Stefoni: Who was he?

Julian Stefoni, the lead singer of a Prince tribute band, in the months following Prince’s death. After experiencing a terrible loss as a young man, Julian turned to music and utilized performance to help him heal. After that many years later, he used the healing power of music (and Prince’s spirit) to assist others in dealing with their suffering.

About Julian Stefoni’s Erotic City Prince Tribute

The Portland-based artist Julian Stefoni is the bandleader of the Erotic City Prince Tribute, which will perform in Lewiston on Friday. In addition to giving homage to Prince for the previous 26 years, he also got to know the late musician in 2000 and shared the stage with him several times.

Twenty years have passed since Julian Stefoni first honored “His Purple Majesty.” Stefoni and Erotic City are multi-talented, playing guitar, keyboards, singing, dancing, and performing, and they put on a high-energy concert with famous Prince songs. They are supported by some pretty groovy musicians.

Stefoni about the bond between Prince and him

Stefoni was at one of his concerts when Prince invited him on stage halfway through, as musicians frequently do with their fans, and introduced him as his nephew to the crowd.

That was a joke. Prince and Stefoni were aware of this, but the crowd was unaware. Stefoni performed the part, dancing beside Prince on stage, and later, Prince told Stefoni to let him know if he ever attended another performance.

Stefoni then went to the next performance with him. The same thing was done by Prince, who welcomed him onto the platform and introduced Stefoni as his nephew. This lasted for about 30 performances. We developed this enjoyable bond between me and him, Stefoni stated.

When the artist passed away in April, Stefoni was affected both professionally and personally. “I felt like I lost a friend,” Stefoni said. “And then, of all things, I’m doing a tribute of him so I’m reminded of that every time I’m on the stage.”

Julian Stefoni Obituary

Saying goodbye is often difficult, and it can be hard to find the words to express how you feel about a loved one who has passed.

We are sorry to announce the demise news of a Multi-talented musician and good soul here. Julian Stefoni was such a Sweet, very professional, and gifted artist who will be fondly remembered by so many. He was a professional musician fashion designer and artist. 

Julian Stefoni took his final breath on May 16, 2023. Rest in peace Julian Stefoni. You will be missed but never forgotten. He was surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor his legacy by living their lives to the fullest. Funeral arrangements and services will be announced later by his family members and we will update the details soon. 

Please leave a tribute or share your memories with Julian Stefoni in the comment field below to honor his death.


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  1. Julian was an amazing performer, so gifted in many ways. I have attended many of his shows each and everyone brought joy and excitement magic set around. I will surely miss him and he will stay forever in my heart rest in peace on the wings of a Dove Julian💜💜🙏🏼🙏🏼


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