How did Judith Miller die? Antiques roadshow expert illness and cause of death explained


How did Judith Miller die? Antiques roadshow expert illness and cause of death explained

Author & Antiques Roadshow expert Judith Miller Passed away. Thank you Judith for your kindness and encouragement toward your fans. We will send our sincere condolences to Judith’s family and friends. She will be much missed. Keep reading this post to know what happened to her and Judith Miller cause of death.

What happened to Judith Miller?

Judith Miller, a writer, and authority on antiques passed away over the Easter holiday at the age of 71. In a statement, her publisher Mitchell Beazley announced the news.

Miller is survived by her children Cara, Kirsty, and Tom; her second husband and longtime coworker, author John Wainwright; and her four grandchildren, Aria, Leo, Lila, and Clea.

Her daughter Cara’s debut book, The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder, the first in the Crockleford Antiques Mystery Series, which will be released by Pan Macmillan in early 2024, had her as the antique consultant.

Judith Miller Cause of death

Over the Easter weekend, the novelist and broadcaster passed away after a short illness. Also, no other details regarding her illness and Judith Miller cause of death have been made public so far. we will update this page once got official information from her family side. Tributes to her praised her “energy and spirit.” Miller has been a presenter and consultant on eight seasons of The Antiques Trail.

She has also appeared on Priceless and It’s Your Bid. Miller has been a presenter and consultant on Antiques Roadshow since 2007, which features Fiona Bruce and specialists in other industries.

Along with writing for newspapers and periodicals like BBC Homes and Antiques, she has authored a number of books on interior design and antiques.

Together with her first husband Martin Miller, the Antiques Roadshow expert co-founded Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979. Judith was working on an updated edition of the manual when she passed away.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Judith on and off for the past 30 years, and the news of her death is a huge shock,” publishing company Octopus’ Alison Starling said.

She always coupled her extremely deep, wide-ranging knowledge of antiques with a lifelong ambition to make the world of collecting approachable and unintimidating to anyone. She had such fire and spirit.

All of the readers and watchers who relied on Judith for knowledgeable and comfortingly pleasant advice will miss her greatly. Her three children, four grandchildren, and her husband John Wainwright are all mourned by the Antiques Roadshow expert.

Quick Biography of Judith Miller

Judith Miller, a specialist in antiques and a journalist and broadcaster located in the UK, was born on September 16, 1951. Miller, who was up in Galashiels, Scotland, started his antiquities collection when he was a history student at the University of Edinburgh. She and her first husband, Martin Miller, co-wrote Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979.

Career Life

Miller has contributed to and co-hosted eight episodes of Meridian, HTV, and Discovery’s The Antiques Trail, which airs on the ITV network. She has also served as a Discovery Channel presenter for It’s Your Bid. She has appeared on Priceless Antiques Roadshow and is a frequent expert on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.

On BBC2, Miller co-presented The House Detectives. In addition to writing a four-page story on “Starting a Collection” for BBC Homes & Antiques, Miller is a frequent contributor to newspapers and periodicals.

She has authored the antique section for The Scotsman Magazine and a monthly piece for the Financial Times weekend edition “House and Home”. Miller writes a twice-weekly column for the Saturday Telegraph property supplement titled “Antiques and Collecting.” She is known as the magazine’s “Antiques and Collectables Agony Aunt.”

She regularly contributes to US Traditional Home and Country Living and writes a monthly column for Canadian Home and Country magazine. Miller also gives frequent talks at the Smithsonian and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

In order to print two full-color annual price guides for antiques and collectibles, a series of specialized collectors guides, and pricing guides, beginning with “Costume Jewelry,” Miller and Dorling Kindersley formed a joint venture in 2001. She returned to Miller’s, a branch of Hachette Livre’s Octopus Books, in 2007.

Judith Miller Antiques Roadshow

Unlike many of the Roadshow experts, Judith did not develop a love for antiques at a young age. Judith, a self-described member of the “Formica generation,” didn’t start collecting antiques until she was a student at Edinburgh University in the 1960s.

She became interested in the cheap plates she found in the city’s trash shops and started looking up information on them in books, auction catalogs, and at regional antique shows.

Through subsequent foreign studies, she has expanded and strengthened her knowledge of antiques. Judith co-founded the bestselling Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979, and she has subsequently authored more than 100 publications.

Judith gives frequent lectures and writes for several national broadsheet publications. Additionally, she frequently makes appearances on American and British radio and television.

Judith has been a member of the ‘Miscellaneous’ team on the Antiques Roadshow since 2007. In 2009, a particularly noteworthy artifact from the period was discovered at Stanway House.

Although Judith had frequently used illustrations of this collection of Jean Dupas Art Deco posters in her books, this was the first time she had actually seen any of them.

If Judith could pick any object to appear on a Roadshow, it would undoubtedly be something related to Bonnie Prince Charlie. In her spare time, Judith likes to play bridge and travel the globe to watch Bruce Springsteen perform!

Following the terrible news, fans of the show joined the conversation on Twitter by expressing their tributes. 

Henry Nicholls & Son Antiques said,

It pains me to say that Judith Miller has left us. A stalwart in our trade, she was always happy to meet & greet, give advice & just be the real person she was. A massive supporter of young dealers coming into the trade, she was full of encouragement. I’ve known her for many years and she truly was a lovely person with so much knowledge which is now consigned to the files along with Geoff Godden & Arthur Negus to name but a few. RIP you legend. Xx

My greatest sympathy is with the family and friends of Judith Miller, a towering figure in the antique market, one viewer commented. 

Another one said, “Really sorry to hear this. I discovered my passion for antiques thanks to her books. Goodbye, Judith Miller.

I’m really sad to hear this, another person added.

Another fan of Antiques Roadshow wrote: It was very sorry to discover that Judith Miller passed away over Easter. Miller’s Price Guides started me on my antique adventure in the early 1990s. I had lunch with Judith a year ago, and for once we disregarded the menu pricing list. A wonderful woman.


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