Jeff Baugh death: Former Traffic reporter of ‘KFI in the Sky’ dies after battle with lung cancer


Jeff Baugh death: Former Traffic reporter of 'KFI in the Sky' dies after battle with lung cancer

Traffic reporter Jeff Baugh, KFI In The Sky, passed away (L.A Radio people)

Jeff Baugh, a veteran traffic reporter in Los Angeles, passes away at age 81. Jeff Baugh, USMC Retired, KFI In The Sky, and Westwood One traffic reporter for many years. A great reporter and a good soul left the world. Read ahead to know what happened to him and Jeff Baugh cause of death.

Jeff Baugh death: What happened to him?

Los Angeles- Jeff Baugh, a longtime airborne traffic reporter for KFWB, KNX, and KFI who guided Southern California drivers through innumerable sig alerts, motorway backups, and large brush fires, passed away on Tuesday night.

Baugh was employed with KFI at the time of his passing. He began reporting for KFWB in 1986. Baugh, according to former program director Andy Ludlum, was KFWB’s “secret weapon” and an essential component of its news coverage.

Jeff Baugh cause of death

A legendary Los Angeles Airborne Reporter died. In 1988, Baugh started his career as a traffic reporter in Los Angeles on the ground before soon transitioning to airborne reporting.

On April 3, 2017, he joined the KFI news crew as our KFI-in-the-sky during the morning drive. He was a Marine Corps veteran, a keen sprint car, and a drag racing lover.

He had been struggling with lung cancer for a while. As per the available reports, it was confirmed that he passed away after complications from lung cancer.

Before joining KFI in the spring of 2017, Jeff worked as an airborne traffic reporter for all-News KNX. Stick With Us & We’ll Get You There is a book he co-wrote.

About Jeff Baugh

Baugh was an air traffic reporter for Metro from January 1989 to December 12, 1991, and worked almost exclusively for KFWB.

Bill Gaines, the regional director of operations for Metro, notified the other staff members and him in November 1991 that KFWB would not be renewing its contract with Metro.

Gaines promised to keep Baugh employed, but Baugh was worried and made a deal with Shadow to start working on December 13 nonetheless.

Baugh wrote about the world of traffic reporting:

“We could all do a lot better. We’re that little part of the “clock” or show that has needed a makeover for a long time. Now… more than ever! The ties between business, family time, anxiety, quality of life, and traffic are undeniable. As broadcasters, we must have credibility with our audience.

If what we say is not true, why in the world should they stay tuned? The audience is clearly defined. Television can help the person still at home or the office and about to drive. Radio speaks to the person who is already in the vehicle driving, or perhaps just about to leave.

The two require specific language. Let’s break new ground. And try the new “traffic language.” Let’s improve our game. Get off the incident.

Tell our audiences how to get around the problem. Understand our audiences. One of the most astonishing things an airborne reporter can watch is every on-ramp jammed with drivers trying to get on a section of the freeway that has been closed for an hour.

We need to do a better job. And need to throw out the old traffic jargon and think of “traffic reporting.” We can all do a lot better.

Tributes poured in social media for Jeff Baugh 

Eliana Moreno said,

My sweet friend and mentor JeffBaugh passed away last night. He was one of my biggest supporters and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I will miss him dearly. 

Roland Sprewell said,

Yep, huge loss Sis! I met Jeff at a Golden Mike Awsrd ceremony about 10 years ago. He was the archetype traffic reporter that I always dreamt of being. Talented, warm, and folksy! RIP Jeff!!

Reed Berry said,

Saddened to hear of the passing of legendary Los Angeles traffic reporter – and genuinely nice guy – Jeff Baugh. Jeff took to the sky every morning for decades, reporting for radio stations KNX, KFWB, and, until just days ago, KFI AM 640.

Thom Tran said,

He was a Marine. A coworker. And my friend. I’m deeply saddened by this news. SoCal is poorer without him. Semper Fi, Marine.


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  1. I met Jeff a few years ago after he purchased a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We would take weekend rides with other riders visiting local rider hangouts. Jeff was very proud of his Harley and enjoyed the freedom of the open road.
    God Bless Jeff. Truly a kind, friendly, and Great America. May Jeff Rest in Peace.


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