Is Omicron wave inevitable? See what the experts have to say

Is omicron wave inevitable, experts opinion

The number of Omicron variant cases in India has already surpassed 100, with the biggest single-day increase of 24 new cases of the new variety. Meanwhile, the Centre has recommended individuals to avoid unnecessary travel and large gatherings, as well as to keep New Year’s celebrations to a minimum in order to minimize the chances of omicron wave.

In many regions of the world, Omicron is already causing a new covid wave. On Thursday, Britain hit a new record with 88,376 new confirmed cases, about 10,000 more than the previous high set the day before. Omicron has become the most common variation in Scotland, accounting for more than half of all instances.

The Union health ministry announced on Friday that 101 cases of the Omicron type had been discovered so far in 11 states and union territories.

According to health experts, the Omicron type of coronavirus may be less severe, but the high transmissibility rate might be a concern.

They have stated that keeping a careful eye on the issue and declaring severe preventative measures might be crucial in the battle against a potential omicron wave Covid-19 revival.

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According to Dr. G C Khilani

“According to ANI, “We have seen Covid-19 expand in India after a time lag of 3-4 months following its distribution in Western Europe, so we need to be just as cautious as we were in the second wave,” said Dr. G C Khilnani, Chairman Pulmonology, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, PSRI Hospital.

“With the passage of time, the protection provided by immunization against infection deteriorates. It’s beyond time to declare a policy for persons with comorbidities to receive a booster dosage “Khilnani continued.

According to Dr. Sheeba Marwah

Omicron’s rate of replication, which is 70 times quicker than its predecessor, is causing concern, according to Dr. Sheeba Marwah, the Covid-19 nodal officer from Safdarjung Hospital.

“With the ability to turn even the completely vaccinated into prey, we may be heading toward an unavoidable third wave,” Marwah warned.

According to Dr. V K Paul

Within a month of its discovery by South African and Botswanan experts, India has found over 100 cases of Omicron. Concerns were expressed by Dr. V K Paul NITI Aayog member (Health), during a media conference on Friday regarding the rapid increase in infections in the United Kingdom.

According to Paul, the population-level conversion would result in 14 lakh Covid cases each day in India.

According to the Union health ministry, people should avoid non-essential travel and keep New Year’s celebrations low-key.

According to Dr. Balram Bhargava

“Because the Omicron variety is rapidly spreading across Europe and the rest of the globe,” ICMR Director-General Dr. Balram Bhargava stated, “it’s important to avoid unnecessary travel and huge gatherings and keep celebrations low-key.”

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