Will India overtake Brazil in corona impact? A comparison

India will overtake Brazil in the list of most affected countries in the next ten days if the same situation persists. In India, Corona is diagnosed with an average of 60,000 people daily in August alone.

India will overtake Brazil in ten days on Corona impact
Brazil is the second most infected country in the world after the United States. More than 36 lakh people have been affected there so far. Only twice since the Corona outbreak began in Brazil has the new impact crossed 60,000.

Coronavirus spread: India vs Brazil

S.NoComparison CharacterIndiaBrazil
1.Total Infections32 lakh36 lakh
2.Daily Infection rate60,000/day20,000/day
3.Mortality rate2 %4%
4.Rate of recovery24 lakh27 lakh
5.Patients under treatment7 lakh7 lakh

The rate of spread in Brazil has been declining since August. An average of 20,000 people are newly infected every day. Compared to Brazil, the number of new victims in India since August 6 has averaged more than 60,000. As a result, the number of victims in India is approaching 32 lakh.

If the same situation continues, an additional 2 lakh people will be affected in Brazil in the next ten days, while six lakh people in India will be affected.

But Brazil has seen more than twice as many deaths as India. In Brazil, 4 percent of people die. India has a mortality rate of about 2 percent.

At the same time, it is comforting to note that the number of recovering and returning home is increasing day by day. More than 27 lakh people have recovered in Brazil and more than 24 lakh in India.

More than 7 lakh people are currently receiving treatment in each of the two countries. So if the same situation goes on India will overtake Brazil shortly.

The United States tops the list of countries most affected by the Corona epidemic. About 60 lakh people are infected there and 5 percent of them die. More than 25 lakh people are receiving treatment.

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