What Happened? How the Indian Family died on the US-Canada border?

What Happened How the Indian Family died on the US Canada border

Four people have been identified dead in an avalanche on the Canada-US border. All the four deceased are members of the same Indian family and all of them are residents of Dingucha village in Kalol taluka of Gandhinagar. U.S. intelligence officials released the information Friday morning. The US envoy had earlier told the court that all four were Gujarati speakers. Let’s see What Happened? and How the Indian Family died on the US-Canada border?


How the Indian Family died on the US-Canada border?

It is alleged that on January 19, the family was illegally crossing the border into the United States from the province of Manitoba, which borders Canada and the United States. It is said that all of them were preparing to leave Canada in a group. Seven others have been detained by U.S. authorities.

The deceased have been identified as Jagdish Patel, 39, his wife Vaishali Patel, 37, and their two children. Eleven-year-old Vihangi and three-year-old Dharmik Patel also died of frostbite.

“We can confirm that the Patel family landed in Toronto, Canada, on January 12, 2022. The family arrived in Emerson on or about January 18, 2022, from Toronto, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s website.

The family is thought to have been left off at the border since no car was found, according to police, who are seeking to figure out how the Patel family got from Toronto to Emerson.

“We believe this is a case of people smuggling based on what we know so far about their operations in Canada and the arrest that occurred in the United States,” they stated.

Authorities are hunting for anyone who may have come into contact with the family.

According to US Customs and Border Protection, seven Indians were apprehended by US border agents on Wednesday last week and are in different stages of removal procedures.

Steve Shand, a 57-year-old Florida man, was detained in the United States last week and charged with people smuggling.


What’s the situation in the Home town?

Jagdish used to work as a teacher. But later he was doing other industries for his livelihood in Kalol city. There is a house in the village named after Jagdish’s father. However, the house has been closed since Jagdish’s father Baldev Patel left the village. Jagdish had gone to Canada with his wife and two children 15 days ago on a tourist visa.

Jagdish’s relatives have been informed about the incident, according to the Indian High Commission. In this regard, the Patel family has been informed that all the cooperation is being given. A statement issued by the High Commission said that the four died due to environmental conditions. Gandhinagar District Collector Kuldeep Arya had said that this was an unfortunate incident after the preliminary information of the incident came to light.

According to locals, three to four more families are missing from the same village. In this case, the US Department of Homeland Security Special Officer John D. Stanley has filed a criminal complaint in a Minnesota court. The Indians involved in the case are Gujarati-speaking and do not understand much English, he said.


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