United States is preparing a new package of military assistance for Ukraine – the Pentagon

The United States is preparing a new package of military assistance for Ukraine the Pentagon

Military assistance for Ukraine: Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States would continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

Source: Kirby, quoting the Pentagon’s website

Direct speech: “We have already made three shipments, there will be more.”

Details: Kirby said that a new package of defense aid is being prepared and that the Pentagon is looking for ways to speed up this aid.

Regarding air and missile defense systems, Kirby said that an American group of experts had studied Ukraine’s needs for such weapons.

In addition, Kirby clarified that he could not list “from the rostrum” the types of weapons that the United States provided to Ukraine.

“I think you need to understand why we want to be careful about publicizing the opportunities that have been given to Ukraine, given the size, scale, and opportunities that are directed against it on the other side of the border,” said a Pentagon spokesman.

What preceded: On the night of January 22, the first part of the military aid from the United States arrived in Kyiv.

The second part of US military aid arrived in Ukraine on January 23.

The states have provided Ukraine with $ 200 million in additional security assistance. According to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, it is not only a $ 60 million defense package that Ukraine received in December but also additional equipment and defense weapons, including lethal weapons.


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