How did Tsin Ting die? Chinese singer cause of death Explained


How did Tsin Ting die? Chinese singer cause of death Explained

“After Huangmei tunes” Tsin Ting dies at the age of 88. Let’s see what happened to her and Chinese singer Tsin Ting cause of death

How did Tsin Ting die?

Tsin Ting, the “Queen of Huangmei tunes”, who sang the episodes “Feng Feng” and “Playing as the Emperor” in the popular movie “Beauty in the Countryside”, died at the age of 88.

The news of Ting’s death spread on social media on Thursday (October 20) morning, shocking many fans. To confirm the news, a reporter from Xinming Daily contacted Jingting’s only daughter Ivy at noon with the help of friends. She confirmed the news of her mother Tsin Ting’s death during the interview.

Tsin Ting cause of death

When Ivy was interviewed in Taipei, he was rushing to the hospital to deal with his mother’s death. She said that Jingting died in her sleep more than 2 a.m. on Thursday. “My mother died of natural aging.”


Jingting and her daughter Ivy have moved to Taipei many years ago. Ivy said that her mother has been living in retirement over the years and occasionally goes out to eat, drink and have tea with friends.

She choked and said, “We originally planned to travel to Okinawa, Japan together after the epidemic is over, but now we can’t do it…”

What did Ting’s daughter say in an interview?

Ivy: I hope everyone remembers my mother’s singing

In Ivy’s eyes, Jingting is an open-minded mother who loves to accept all kinds of challenges. “She didn’t hide it from me, she went to take a driver’s license test, skiing, and skydiving at the age of 60. She likes to watch football and basketball games, such as the NBA in the United States.”

Ask Ivy, among the many popular songs that Jingting sings, which one is her favorite? “I love Mom’s ‘Red and Blue,’ especially the melody.”

During the interview, Ivy thanked the fans for their support and love for her mother and hoped that everyone will always remember Jingting’s singing.

Ivy said that Jing Ting’s death will be handled in Taipei, and the details are still being planned. The reporter asked if there will be a memorial service in Hong Kong. “Because of the epidemic, there will be no memorial service in Hong Kong,” she said.

“Beauty in the Countryside” and “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” were originally sung

Who is Tsin Ting?

Tsin Ting, formerly known as Guo Damei, was born in Sichuan in 1934. She moved to Hong Kong with her family in 1949. Due to the financial constraints of her family, she went to a nightclub to sing at the age of 17.

According to reports, to conceal her identity, Jingting changed her mother’s surname to “Xi” and named Jingting. Later, he sang as a backing vocal for the movie episode. Because of his beautiful singing, he sang behind the scenes of the movie after 1957.

In 1959, she and Jiang Hong sang the episodes “The Phoenix” and “Playing as the Emperor” from the popular movie “The Beauty of the Mountains”, which laid the foundation for her to become the “Queen of Huangmei Diao”. In 1963, Li Hanxiang directed the film “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” directed by Li Han Xiang.

In 1972, Jing Ting quit the music scene and went to the United States to take care of her only daughter. From time to time, she came back to sing for entertainment. In 1997, she participated in the “Golden Bright Stage” concert with Liu Yun, Cui Ping, and Wu Yingyin, which was the 100th birthday of EMI Records.

Often come to Singapore to sing

From the 1990s to the early 2000s, Jing Ting also often went to perform locally.

Zhang Qing, who once interviewed her and then worked as publicity at the record company, said in an interview that she met Jing Ting during the interview. Later, because she worked in the EMI record company, Jing Ting was also an EMI singer, and she had the opportunity to meet Jing Ting again. touch.

Qin Qi recalled: “She was an amiable person. She had no pretense at all and was informal. No matter where she was taken to eat, it was ok, and she would take the initiative to greet people and love to laugh.”

Qin Qi also said that every time Jingting came to Singapore these years, she would contact her and another friend, and then meet for dinner and chat, “I will also contact her when I go to Hong Kong, and she will welcome us warmly.”



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