Who is Brodrick Larnell? Inverness Man Arrested For Killing An Inmate In Jail

Brodrick Larnell Houston

A man named, Brodrick Larnell Houston from Inverness is suspected of killing his fellow prisoner at Citrus County Detention Facility, located in Lecanto, Florida. Let’s see who is Brodrick Larnell Houston and why he killed his inmate in jail in detail.

What happened in Citrus County Detention Facility?

Gerald Raymond Dietrich, 40, was taken to a hospital on September 9 with an unknown medical ailment, according to jail personnel, who informed the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office of this. After being notified, Detective Roscoe Watts of the CCSO Major Crimes Unit (MCU) launched an investigation. Dietrich passed away in the hospital after that.

How did Dietrich die?

Dietrich, the inmate of Houston had a fight with Houston. Later that evening, Dietrich passed away at the hospital due to the injury. Investigators discovered a physical fight between 40-year-old Dietrich and 33-year-old Brodrick Larnell Houston earlier in the day, which they claimed may have contributed to Dietrich’s admission to the hospital.

Brodrick Larnell Houston was detained for murder, according to the sheriff’s office, following a thorough investigation. Houston reportedly stayed in detention in the jail for his prior offenses throughout the investigation, according to the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast claimed that Houston decided to take the life of another guy because he has no respect for social norms. He also added, “Individuals like Houston are a danger to the citizens and to the safety of Citrus County. Hopefully, this arrest will bring peace to the victim’s family and be the first step in seeking justice for Houston’s actions.”

Who is Brodrick Larnell Houston?

Brodrick Larnell Houston is a 33-year-old man from Inverness, who is the suspect arrested by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). He was sentenced to jail for murdering his fellow mate in the prison and aggravated battery by a detained person upon another detainee.

On Tuesday, October 18, Brodrick Larnell Houston, was taken into custody on suspicion of third-degree murder and aggravated violence by an inmate.

Inverness resident Brodrick Larnell Houston, was first detained on April 13, 2022, on two counts of possessing a controlled substance with the intent to resell and using a two-way communication device improperly with a bond $12,000.

How did the people react to this?

Linda Marie Sheppard Daniels commented,

Should be no bail, or very high cash only. He is a menace to society! We need to vote for legislators who will increase minimum bail and sentencing guidelines, and judges who will sentence from the top of the guidelines!!

Aretha Franklin commented,

Funny how Ed got shot but they didn’t get arrested but was in a hurry to arrest him

Scott Snyder commented,

Please keep him in a secure place. Do not let him out like DEMOCRATIC cities releasing people before their time is served to commit more crimes.

Falon Hellstern commented,

So sad for the family, the victim, and for him

Kristie Staub commented,

During this investigation was no one at the jail held responsible to oversee these men?


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