How did Tony Barry die? Australian actor cause of death Explained


How did Tony Barry die? Australian actor cause of death Explained

Tony Barry, a co-star in Australia with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, passed away at age 81. Let’s find out what happened to him and Tony Barry cause of death in detail.

How did Tony Barry die?

Tony Barry, a seasoned Australian actor, passed away on Wednesday. The renowned performer has shared screen space with Hugh Jackman in Australia and Rebecca Gibney in Halifax f.p., among more than 100 other Australian movies and television programs.

On Facebook, the Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance posted a heartfelt tribute to the legendary actor.

What happened to Tony Barry?

Tony Barry, an “honorary Kiwi” and Australian actor, was discovered to have melanoma in 2007. He was 81 years old.

On Thursday, filmmaker Gaylene Preston shared a Facebook tribute to the actor. After a protracted illness, Tony Barry passed away peacefully yesterday at Murwillumbah, New South Wales, she wrote.

Preston commented, “He played my father and became one of the family ever after” beside a photo of the two taken while they were filming Home For Christmas in 2010.

For that performance, he took home the best actor prize at the 2010 Qantas Awards. He was unique in every way.


Tony Barry cause of death

Barry never stopped working, according to Dame Gaylene, despite receiving a cancer diagnosis that necessitated the amputation of a leg in 2014. Barry underwent melanoma surgery to have his left leg amputated above the knee.

“Despite being told that he had melanoma in 2007, he persisted in continuing to work till the very end. “A large tree has been felled. A fighter is on the ground.

Who was Tony Barry?

Tony Barry was an Australian actor who was most known for his roles in television and movies. He died on December 21, 2022. Tony Barry, who was born in 1941 in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, appeared in more than 45 television programs and approximately 60 motion pictures during a five-decade acting career.

Barry earned the 2014 Cinema Critics Circle of Australia award for his “exceptional contribution to the Australian film industry,” recognizing the longevity of his acting career. Barry started his cinematic career in 1977 with The Mango Tree, two years after appearing in the television show The Box from 1975 to 1976.

Following that, he played parts in several well-regarded Australian and New Zealand movies, such as Newsfront, The Odd Angry Shot, We of the Never Never, Australia, and Home for Christmas, for which he won the Best Actor prize at the 2010 New Zealand Film and TV Awards. Between seasons of the drama television program The Time of Our Lives in 2014, The narrative included the fact that he would lose his leg.


Tributes paid to Tony Barry by Loved ones 

Ted Preston penned,

Well said, Gaylene. I met him a few times recently in Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay). As you know, our last encounter was in September, when I delivered to him a copy of ‘Gaylene’s Take’. He was so pleased to think you’d give him an advance copy and was moved by your comments on the cover. I spent several hours with him at the Mullumbimby fair where he bought his veggies every week. He needed a hand to get all his paraphernalia sorted, ie wheelchair stuff, but then sashayed through the fair site like a juggernaut, stopping at, or being stopped at, almost every stall enquiring after peoples’ health, families, and so on. He introduced me as his ‘son from New Zealand’, a mantle I proudly wore while accompanying this super-generous force of nature. Vale TowBar.

John Smythe wrote,

Sorry to hear this, Gaylene. Tony and I knew each other well in Sydney – met on some set or location and hit it off instantly. His ‘resting’ job was in hospitality and he got me working with him on a TV series idea called ‘The Waiting Game’, in which freelance waiters working for a contract caterer were all waiting for their real vocations to materialize. But that was before he went on the wagon. We would laugh, in later times, about how when he’d had a few he’d ring me up at ungodly hours to wax lyrical about what I had written but when he was sober, with a hangover I rationalized, he hated it. So of course it came to nothing. A good idea, but.

Gisela Conechado penned,

Lost a dear friend yesterday Dear Barry, Georgia told me that you have left your earthly body. I am sad to know you have passed and sorry that I wasn’t there to say goodbye. Thank you for your warm friendship. Thank you for the dancing. Thank you for your long service to humanity and environmental conservation. Thank you for the great acting over a long career. Thanks for being a great role model for loving kindness for animals, humanity, and life itself. I hope your spirit is peaceful after your long journey with suffering in the physical body. To Tony’s family and a wide circle of friends, colleagues, and fellow activists, much love to you all as we grieve the passing of this beautiful human. Tony Barry 1941-2022

Kristen Barry wrote,

Vale Tony Barry, veteran Australian actor and, closer to home, Dad’s brother. It’s hard to make a living out of acting but Tony did it consistently for 50 years, with a body of work spanning nearly 60 films and over 45 TV series. Among them are roles in Newsfront, Australia, The Dismissal, Time of our Lives, Shame, Paper Giants (The Birth of Cleo magazine), Scales of Justice, The Odd Angry Shot, and Little Boy Lost. From poignant fatherly characters to the steeliest criminal or stern policeman, he could play them all. He also committed a lot of hours over many years to volunteer work and was indefatigable in reaching out to help people. Uncle Tony lived a big life. Like the roles he played, he gave life his all. 

Izzi Murphy Gallagher posted,

Tony Barry was one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. As a kid, he always remembered my name and would call me over to talk every night before dinner when he’d come to snoring Waters. He would tell me about music and performing and acting and tell me I could do it too. I will always remember being 10 and him bringing me on the stage to sing Dance all around the world with him. I can only imagine how bright a light he would have been within the entire BLERTA family and extended community and I feel lucky to have known him even a little bit. Sending the most love possible to all of my family, all my family friends, and everyone who knew Tony. I love you all. Rest In Peace 

Paul Dellit posted,

VALE: TONY BARRY (1941 – 2022) Sad news to report with the passing of Australian actor Tony Barry, who was best known for his television and film roles. Born in Ipswich, Queensland, in 1941, Barry performed in 56 feature films and 45 television series, across a four-decade career. After acting in the television series The Box in 1975–76, he began his film career in 1977 with The Mango Tree.

His other notable films included roles in Newsfront, The Irishman, We of the Never Never, The Odd Angry Shot, The Man from Snowy River ll, Paperback Hero, The Night We Called it a Day, and Australia. Tony also had guest roles in TV series such as Halifax f.p., All the Way, Scales of Justice, I Can Jump Puddles, Mystery Road, and Harrow.

In 2014, between seasons of the TV drama series The Time of Our Lives, Barry had his left leg amputated above the knee due to melanoma. The loss of his leg was written into the storyline.

Andrea Moor wrote,

Dear Tony Barry. He is remembered as an incredible actor but also as someone who helped many people. Tony built community and I was one of the thousands of people who benefited from his devotion to the community. Thank you, Tony, for your incredible generosity. You will be dearly missed by so many. Love and condolences to your closest. Thank you. 






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