How did Tommy Tokyo Die? What Happened? Cause of death

How did Tommy Tokyo Die
Musician Tommy Lorange Ottosen, better known as Tommy Tokyo, has died. He turned 50 years old.

How did Tommy Tokyo Die: Ottosen died at St. Olav’s hospital where he has been hospitalized since New Year’s Eve pending a lung transplant, but unfortunately it was too late, writes his manager Terje Pedersen on  Facebook.

Who was Tommy Lorange Ottosen

Tommy Lorange Ottosen (born August 26, 1971), best known under the artist name Tommy Tokyo, was a Norwegian singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Bossumdalen, Onsøy in Fredrikstad municipality. He is known as a solo artist and frontman in Tommy Tokyo and Starving for my Gravy.

He learned to play the guitar in 1995. In 1999 he started the band Piggyback which, among other things, warmed up for Crash Test Dummies on Betong in 2001.

From 2001 Tommy Tokyo went solo with the backing band Starving for my gravy, which consisted of members from RicochetsPeru YouApoptygma Berzerk, and Maria Solheim band. The album Smear Your Smiles Back on was named album of the year in Aftenposten and was later nominated for the Spellemann Prize 2008 in the rock class. 

In 2010 came the album Go Time, Showtime & Absolute War which was nominated for the Spellemann Prize 2010 in the class rock. In 2012, he released the solo album And the Horse Came Riderless and received the Spellemann Prize 2012 in the rock class.

Tommy Tokyo is the brother of Ole Jørgen Ottosen, who is the frontman in the band Tellusalie from Fredrikstad.

Tommy Tokyo Cause of death

How did Tommy Tokyo Die: It was early today that Tommy Lorange Ottosen (50), better known as Tommy Tokyo, died at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim.

Since New Year’s Eve, he has been hospitalized pending a lung transplant, but unfortunately, this came too late, Nidaros reports on Tuesday morning. The news also confirms Ottosen’s manager, Terje Pedersen on Facebook.

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