How did Tipping Point contestant die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Tipping Point contestant die

A retired school bus driver from Bolton died before the episode of the popular ITV game show Tipping Point in which she participated aired, it was revealed. Let’s see how did Tipping Point contestant die!


What happened to the Tipping Point contestant?

As their appearance on Tipping Point aired on Wednesday evening, Ben Shephard paid tribute to a Tipping Point contestant who had died.

Ben revealed on Twitter that one of the ITV show’s stars had died since the episode was recorded.

Cath, a retired school bus driver from Bolton, had died, he said.

He wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of the two of them together, “Today’s Tipping Point is a poignant one… Cath, the lovely contestant pictured backstage here, has died since the show was taped.

“Our hearts go out to her family and friends.”



How did the Tipping Point contestant die?

Just before the show aired this afternoon (May 4), the show revealed that one of its contestants, Cath, had tragically died. The woman from Bolton had competed alongside Afqad and Mark for the chance to win the potential £10,000 jackpot. Cath was the first to be eliminated, leaving Afqad and Mark to compete for the jackpot, according to Wales Online.

Unfortunately, reports came in before the show aired that Cath, who had said “I don’t want to go home” just before being knocked out, had died since the episode’s filming. Tipping Point said in a tweet 15 minutes before the show aired: “Following the recording of today’s program, we spoke with Cath’s family, who informed us of Cath’s death. Tipping Point would like to express their heartfelt condolences.”


Fans react to Cath’s death

Fans expressed their condolences on Twitter,

Tracy Callen tweeted,
Our thoughts are with you and your family. She looks like she had an enjoyable time with that lovely smile.
Elizabeth tweeted,
It’s always sad to hear of someones passing when they have been on the show,So sad for their family RIP Lady And Thank You tipping point for informing us if someone we’ve saw on the show not that it is a celebration but we might of remember them and send our condolences
Dianne Wood tweeted,
Awww. That’s sad. What’s odd, I really liked her very much and it was heartfelt at the point that the show was playing. This lady lives on in spirit. Absolutely. I hope her family takes comfort from this. X
Doreen Tench tweeted,
Aw so sad to hear Ben, I’ve just been watching the ep thoughts and prayers are with all her family and friends thank you for sharing, my daughter was on your show ( Dawn who frightened the life out of you) she said what a lovely caring person you are and you’ve just shown it.
Blue_aster tweeted,
Awww, so sad, I just literally watched it earlier this evening in the episode. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family, may her soul rest in peace


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