How did Megha Thakur die? Young TikTok star and instagram influencer cause of death explained

Megha Thakur

Megha Thakur, a Western University student, died at the age of 21 on Thursday. Let’s see how did the TikTok star and Instagram influencer die and Megha Thakur cause of death in detail.

How did Megha Thakur die?

The TikTok influencer and the Instagram star reportedly perished in a fatal collision at the age of 21 on November 24, 2022, in Ontario, Canada. The accident killed the well-known TikToker and Western University students and badly injured another. 

According to reports, Megha Thakur was pronounced dead on the site of the event by arriving paramedics, according to her parents, who announced her death on her official Instagram page.

The message reads, “It is with heavy hearts we announce the light of our life, our kind, caring, and beautiful daughter, Megha Thakur, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on November 24, 2022, in the early morning hours.”



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Megha Thakur cause of death

Massive responses to Megha Thakur’s passing have been posted by her fans and followers on various social media platforms. Megha Thakur, a former Saugeen-Maitland Hall don and body positivity campaigner, died suddenly.

Megha Thakur cause of death was an accident. The death statement reads, “Megha was a confident and independent young woman. She will be dearly missed. She loved her fans and would have wanted you to know of her passing. At this time, we request your blessings for Megha. Your thoughts and prayers will be with her in her onward journey”

A funeral service for Megha will be held on Tuesday morning in Brampton, her hometown from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM.

Who was Megha Thakur?

Megha Thakur was a well-known social media influencer whose articles emphasized self-confidence and body positivity. Her TikTok account has had over 900,000 followers and roughly 32 million likes since she aired her first video in November 2019.

In the fall of 2021, Thakur attended Western University to study computer science. In her first year, she lived in Delaware Hall before going to Saugeen to work in her second year. She previously participated in the largest student-run charity fashion show in Canada, CAISA, as a model.

TikTok influencer:

Thakur was well-known for creating TikTok videos and inspiring many people on the internet. Megha was a Don at Saugeen-Maitland Hall at the time. She filmed one of her earliest successful videos on a college campus.

It depicts her standing outside while playing the song “Pass That Dutch” by Missy Elliot, which was famously featured in the Mean Girls scene in which Regina George slowly walks down the hallway.

Until last year, Megha lacked the confidence to express her individuality and speak about things she was passionate about. She asserts, “If it weren’t for the events involving COVID-19, I would not be where I am right now. I had the honour of filling my glass to the rim rather than leaving it empty.”

Megha continued to make videos showcasing her charm in order to show her admirers her newfound confidence. She advised individuals to look in the mirror and honestly ask themselves why they lacked confidence in the first place. Megha also has 100,000 Instagram followers. She also used that platform extensively. She used to advocate for self-empowerment in her postings using style, physical appeal, and attitude.

Tributes to Megha:

Alisha tweeted,

So sad to see this. She was such a light in the world. Megha Thakur, TikTok star and Western University student passed away in deadly Ontario car accident.

anushka tweeted,

Megha Thakur, a young influencer I followed on ig passed away unexpectedly 5 days ago and it really shook me. She was so young, confident and full of life. She worked so hard to give other women confidence even when she was going through lows, life is truly unpredictable.

Sukhnidh ⚆ _ ⚆ tweeted,

i still feel like it’s not my place to grieve – but the least i can do is witness her meaningfully one last time. she was megha thakur/meghamind_ on TT/meghaminnd on IG. rest in peace you beautiful person 🙁

Jalina tweeted,

Megha Thakur passed she was one of my favorite influencers on IG, she was very open and transparent about the way she felt and she was an advocate for girls who felt like they were too skinny and she helped me with my confidence. May her soul Rest In Peace.


My favorite influencer just passed I literally just woke up about 30 mins ago and open IG & saw the post her parents put in her page. Megha Thakur will always be remembered.

shuu tweeted,

just found out megha thakur passed (meghaminnd on ig) and this honestly broke my heart bc she’s helped me so much with my body dysmorphia and feeling confident in my own skin and i just she had her whole life ahead of her and she had so much love to share i 


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