How did Samantha James aka Cookie Tookie die? Cause of death explained

Samantha James

Samantha James aka cookie tookie internet sensation has passed away at the age of 44. Let’s see how did the Cookie Tookie die and Samantha James Cause of death in detail.

How did Samantha James die?

Samantha James commonly known as cookie tookie has passed away after an illness. An internet sensation Samantha James aka cookie tookie passed away after her long battle with addiction and heart failure. Samantha James’ death was confirmed by her sister @lenajames94.

Lena previously asked her fans to pray for her sister the day before of Samantha’s passing. She requested everyone to pray for her sister, when Samantha was in the hospital on life support.

James said, “Please be praying for Sam aka cookie tookie she’s on life support.” She also posted, “We Thank everyone for the Prayers Sam is fighting and we are so grateful to God Lord we thank for the miracle.”

Samantha James’ cause of death:

Internet star, Samantha James suddenly died on Saturday on December 3, 2022. Samantha James’ cause of death was an illness. She died after a battle with heart disease. Tributes flooded the social media after the demise news broke out.

Samantha James

The death statement reads,

“Our beloved Samantha James AKA cookie tookie internet sensation has gone home to be with her King. We will be transporting her from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. We would love to honor her wishes and bring her home so we can celebrate her homegoing. Thank you all who donate to our queen in our time of bereavement.” GoFundme is organized for Samantha and her fans are requested to raise funds and support her family.

Who was Samantha James?

Samantha James was a famous internet celebrity with notable social media followers. Samantha James, a rapper, comedian, and YouTuber known as Cookie Tookie.

Instagram users shared the heartbreaking news of Cookie Tookie’s passing. Samantha’s friends and fans adored the funny and unique personality that she possessed. Her friends characterized Tookie as someone who was always up for a laughter.

Samantha James was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1978. Cookie completed her high school education at University City (Philadelphia). She continued her education at the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc. after graduating from high school. 

Cookie was a well-known rapper, comedian, and YouTuber. On Instagram, Cookie (@samanthajames215) has 24.3K followers.  She has left a deep imprint on the hearts of many of her followers, and she has served as an inspiration to everyone who has had the chance to get to know her.

Despite the fact that Cookie battled drug addiction for a long time, her talent as a humorous and talented YouTuber transcended all of that.

Tributes to Samantha James:

nicola moreland tweeted,

Rest Well Queen to the Legendary Samantha James She has passed away this AM 12/3 (1, 2, 3, get up off them…) Thank you Cookie Tookie for all the laughter you and joy you spread across the world.

Mya Taylor posted,

I am very heartbroken to hear that sweetheart Samantha James (Cookie Tookie) has past away. I will miss this woman. Put a smile on my face every time I see her. She is a bright light and has warmed my heart over the years in many ways. She will be missed. On her Facebook page there is a go fund me to bring her body back from LA to PA where she is from for her funeral. Please support her? Samantha I love you sister.

Gřɛɠ Kɛŋŋɛɖყ tweeted,

My heart dropped when I heard the news that the LEGEND Miss #SamanthaJames passed this AM 12/3.My condolences 2 every1 who also Loved her, this a hard one. But in true Cookie fashion 1,2,3 get up off them *****Rest well Queen #CookieTookie 

F R EEEEEE AK tweeted,

Rip to the Salacious Queen, the one and only 123 Samantha James aka Cookie Tookie, you will be missed Kia 

Baldwin’s Cigarette tweeted,

RIP to Samantha James, AKA, Cookie Tookie. That Philly chick! She was so funny and talented! Samantha lived free and unencumbered. She did it her way! #CookieTookie #SamanthaJames #dontplayinmyface #RIPCookieTookie

K Emanuel Battle posted,

Wow this is so crazy

As I stated in my previous post death comes in three’s and unfortunately this is my Third death within almost two weeks!

Samantha James you will truly be missed. This isn’t the news that I wanted to wake up too, however we have absolutely no control over God’s work! She is truly in a better place now R.I.P my girl cookie Tookie 123 get up of them………..those that knew her, know the ending

Here is a moment of mines when she wished me a happy birthday and I absolutely loved it, she really put a smile on my face this day.

Philly’s own rest on my girl


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  1. She was a horribly sick schizophrenic and shame on us for uplifting and praising her illness instead of encouraging the help she needed. Despite this positive obituary, you only have to look at her content to realize her legacy will forever be disgracing the black and trans communities for the way she carried herself in her ill state of mind that we enabled and praised her for. A very sad story indeed.


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