How did Régine Zylberberg die? Cause of Death Explained

How did Régine Zylberberg die? Cause of Death Explained

Regine, the French singer, and actress who claimed to have invented the contemporary discotheque and once oversaw a nightclub empire from Paris to Los Angeles died on Sunday at the age of 92, according to her granddaughter. Let’s see How did Régine Zylberberg die and what was her Cause of Death.


Who was Régine Zylberberg?

Regine, born Regina Zylberberg in Belgium, launched her first club in Paris’s Latin Quarter in the 1950s, substituting jukeboxes with turntables and disc jockeys, which were common in dance venues at the time.

She frequently claimed that the new format validated her claim to “discotheque creation.”

“If you can’t dance, you can’t make love,” she famously said.


How did Régine Zylberberg die? Cause of Death

Regine, who became renowned as the “queen of the night,” founded numerous other venues, including “Regine’s” in New York in the 1970s, and others in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Los Angeles.

“Regine passed us quietly on May 1 at 11 a.m. (0900 GMT),” her granddaughter Daphne Rotcajg stated.

In a statement sent on behalf of Regine’s family, her friend, comic Pierre Palmade, stated: “The queen of the night has vanished. It’s the end of an illustrious career.”

He went on to say that Regine “had the stars of the world dancing at her nightclubs.”

Regine’s disco empire grew to 22 locations at its peak.


Régine Zylberberg career

Palmade stated Regine’s name “became associated with the chaotic nights that went into the wee hours,” adding that Regine herself would “join the dance floor until closing time.”

While she is most known abroad as a nightclub owner, Regine is best known in France for her contributions to French songwriting.

Renaud, a French singer-songwriter, referred to her as the “final historic representation of the French chanson,” and she inspired an entire generation of singer-songwriters, including Serge Gainsbourg and Barbara.

Regine sang in New York’s Carnegie Hall to a good response from an American audience after appearing in the famed Olympia venue in the French capital in the 1960s, a feat that only Edith Piaf could match among French singers.

“It would make me extremely pleased if people listened to my songs in 50 years,” she told AFP in 2020, adding that she was “quite proud” that some of them had entered regular repertory in France.

“My first job was working at discotheques,” she explained. “For a long time, writing music was only a pastime. However, I now realize that the theatre has been the most essential aspect of my life.”

She also appeared in many films directed by Claude Lelouch and Claude Zidi.


Fan’s reaction to Regine Zylberberg’s death

Mr. Jeremy Haines said,

Very sad news indeed that Regine Zylberberg has sadly passed Away She was born in Anderlecht Brussels Belgium in 1929 to polish Jewish parents Her family then went to France where she hid in the second world war After the war her Father owned a cafe in Belleville Paris.

Roland Deschain said,

TIL that the disco format as such was invented by French singer, actress, and music club manager Regine Zilberberg in the 1950s. It was she who decided to remove the jukeboxes and put in the dance hall a DJ with a “turntable”. She died today at the age of 92.

Hope you get the Régine Zylberberg Cause of Death from this post.


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