How did Noreen Bush die? Cedar Rapids Superintendent cause of death Explained

Noreen Bush
Noreen Bush, the superintendent of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, passed away on Sunday at the age of 51. On a Sunday afternoon, the district informed families of the news. Let’s see who is Noreen Bush and Noreen Bush cause of death in detail.

How did Noreen Bush die?

The superintendent of the Cedar Rapids School District, Noreen has died after a two-and-a-half-year struggle with cancer. Cancer is the Noreen Bush cause of death. The district made a statement on Sunday noon and it reads,

“It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you our beloved superintendent, Noreen Bush, peacefully passed away today, We will miss her caring soul, delightful spirit, and strong commitment to the Cedar Rapids Community School District,” David Tominsky said in a statement on behalf of the school board.

He also added, “Noreen led the Cedar Rapids Community School District with compassion for each student and the power to make important decisions. She was known admirably for her leadership skills and hard work, along with her caring smiles and laughter that flowed to all who were blessed to know her.” Employees of the district will be able to access grief support programs, according to the district.

Governor Reynolds said Bush “embodied the heart of education.” She took immense pride in her school district and worked tirelessly to deliver the best opportunities possible to the students and families she served. I first met Noreen in August 2020, the day following the derecho. She was determined to repair and reopen her schools as quickly as possible to give her students a sense of normalcy.

Gov. Reynolds also added, “She was truly one-of-a-kind, and I’m grateful to have known her. Though she will be greatly missed, her legacy endures in the lives of the teachers and students she inspired. Kevin and I send our condolences and prayers to Noreen’s family and the entire Cedar Rapids Schools community.”

Noreen Bush cause of death

Noreen Bush was diagnosed with cancer and underwent cancer treatment for nearly three years. She has been battling cancer for two and a half years. She was on medical leave for some time for treatment. Finally, Bush announced her retirement on September 19 due to health reasons, and on September 22 she submitted her resignation as district superintendent.

Unfortunately, Noreen Bush passed away at the age of 51 on 23 October 2022 and Noreen Bush cause of death was cancer.

Noreen Bush was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer. A CT scan showed a mass in her pelvis, and other tests showed cancer had spread to her liver. Bush said, “I’ll just say that cancer is spooky,”. “The diagnosis is not one that you want to hear.”

She started the first of her six rounds of chemotherapy in a matter of days. She continued to work during them, even during the daily infusions she had every three weeks, participating in calls and Zoom sessions.

She worked from home with support from her husband and family because all of her staff members and coworkers were also remote. This uncommon situation made it simpler for her to maintain her composure.
As a patient, there is no finer feeling than being surrounded by lovely people.

She was well enough to attend the CRCSD schools when school reopened, especially since the COVID-19 safety measures the district had implemented helped shield her from additional exposures that may strain an already compromised immune system.
Although her disease seemed dormant in August, the immune therapy meant to put it at bay wasn’t entirely effective, so she has started a new round of chemotherapy.

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Who is Noreen Bush?

Noreen Bush, Superintendent of Schools of Cedar Rapids, has been described as a “rock star” and a “leader among leaders.” Bush grew up in Cedar Rapids after her family relocated there from Detroit. Bush went to Cedar Rapids schools from elementary to high school and graduated from Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School.

She was known for her light-hearted standpoint on education and her practical learning approach, including promoting show choir competitions in the district. She demonstrated her enthusiasm for her position by acting professionally when conducting county business.

Bush career

Bush started his teaching career in Clayton, Missouri, where he taught English and drama/ forensic science after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in English Education.

After serving as interim superintendent since 2019, she was appointed permanent superintendent of Cedar Rapids Schools in February 2020 and formally began the position in early July 2020. She served the district before as an assistant and assistant superintendent. She was the first person to be promoted to that position and the first woman to serve as the district’s superintendent.

In October 2021, Bush received the Iowa School Board’s Superintendent of the Year award. They were referred to as “leaders of leaders” by Roark Horn, the organization’s executive director, who also said that “their desire for learning and their ability to accomplish great things while facing hurdles encourage us all.”

Bush led the district through the COVID-19 pandemic while having cancer treatment, actively supporting the district, and making difficult choices. Additionally, she was in charge of the district’s reaction to the August 2020 derecho, which resulted in major damage to school buildings.

Bush began her career in teaching and later graduated from Drake University with a master’s degree in educational leadership administration and superintendent certification. She announced her retirement due to her health. At the meeting on September 26, the Board accepted her departure as numerous members paid respect to her.

Her term as superintendent had been set to go until June 30, 2023, but it was cut to begin on November 1 after the district revealed on Thursday that the school board planned to appoint an interim superintendent at their meeting on Monday, October 24. The effort to choose Bush’s long-term replacement is being led by an outside consulting group.

Tributes to Noreen Bush

Ryan Wise tweeted,

Iowa lost an amazing educator & leader today. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and all of Cedar Rapids. She was simply one of the most positive, enthusiastic, and caring people I’ve ever met. Her legacy lives on in those she inspired.

Steven Schappaugh tweeted,

My thoughts are with all those in the Cedar Rapids Public Schools as they mourn the loss of their incredible Superintendent, Noreen Bush. She was revered by many people and her impact will surely be felt for years to come.

Ashley Hinson tweeted,

I was saddened to hear Noreen Bush has passed away after battling cancer. She was a passionate advocate for Cedar Rapids students and touched many lives in our community. I am praying for the Bush family and the entire Cedar Rapids Community School District.

Chris McCarville tweeted,

Her passion, dedication and relentless work ethic was admired by many in Cedar Rapids and statewide. Noreen Bush had impact on many, myself included. The Bush family and our friends @CRSCHOOLS continue to be in the prayers of many within the Xavier community.

Chris Earl tweeted,

I write as a parent of two at Kennedy High School. Not as someone who covered CRCSD. Superintendent Noreen Bush always had the best interests of the students in mind. She served with distinction. With honor. May her family and those she touched find peace in her legacy.


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