How did Neto Reyno die? Mexican rapper cause of death Explained

Neto Reyno cause of death

Mexican rapper Neto Reyno passed away at the age of 40 on December 19, 2022. Let’s see, how the Mexican rapper died and what is Neto Reyno cause of death in detail.

How did Neto Reyno die?

The terrible news of the Mexican musician Neto Reyno’s passing was announced on Monday. His official Facebook account confirmed the information.

The death statement reads, “Unfortunately, we give the sad news that Neto Reyno has just passed away, we will let you know where we will be watching over him for whoever wants to accompany him. Mariel Caldera.”

The musician’s fans and coworkers expressed their sympathy and said they would remember him for the legacy he left on the Mexican rap scene as well as for the wonderful guy he was.

He was also known for touring Mexico and posting images of his excursions on social media.

Neto Reyno cause of death:

Neto Reyno suddenly passed away at the age of 40. His death news was confirmed via a post on his verified Facebook account. Neto Reyno cause of death was believed to be cancer.

Until now, Neto Reyno cause of death has not been disclosed, however, it is known that he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment in September since he asked his followers to send him a lot of strength.

On September 1, he revealed that he will begin chemotherapy treatment, indicating that he had a sort of cancer in his body.  Although the artist never mentioned the type of cancer he had, it is assumed that he died as a result of cancer-related complications. His fans and artists have expressed their sympathies in this regard. 

Who was Neto Reyno?

Ernesto Arizpe González, better known as Neto Reyno in the world of urban culture, was born in Monterrey on December 29, 1981. He was a musician who was particularly devoted to the hip-hop style. He started his artistic career in 1998 with the help of the group Sociedad Café, with whom he produced his first song, “Low Quarters.”

Mexican rapper, producer, and musician named Neto Reyno was well known for his hit singles “Las Consecuencias” and “La Calle fue mi Escuela.

Neto Reyno songs:

During his musical career, he released seven musical albums, so here we share some of his most recognized songs. You and I Hustle I just flow the chunk and lay it down.

Throughout his career, Neto Reyno made several collaborations, the last one was two months ago when he premiered the song “La vida duele” with the rapper Santa Fe Klan. He also shared the stage with great hip-hop exponents such as Psycho, Cypress Hill, SPM, SFDK, Delinquent Habits, Diablo, Caballeros del Plan G, Gera MX, and C-Kan, among others. 

Tributes to Neto Reyno:

Carlos Vargas tweeted,

Seguir. No hay palabras, el Hip Hop Mexicano esta de luto, un fuerte abrazo y mi más sentido pésame a la familia y homies del gran #NetoReyno, pilar de ma cultura en México.

AMENAZA tweeted,

Descansa en paz hommie @netoreyno mucha fuerza para tu familia. Gracias por el legado que dejas en el rap mexicano. ! #norendirseeslamision en San Luis Potosi, Mexico

¿Por qué es Tendencia tweeted,

“Neto Reyno”: Por el sensible fallecimiento del rapero regiomontano.

Pato Machete tweeted,

Gracias por las enseñanzas, las andanzas, la inspiración, la amistad, las regañadas, los aplausos, las palabras, las canciones, las aventuras y el amor @NETOREYNO ! #PaSiempre #NoRendirseElLaMision #YNoVaAParar !! Te quiero mucho Hermanito y Maestro bello!! Besos pa mi Tia!

MTY360™ tweeted,

Falleció @NETOREYNO, rapero ícono de la escena del hip hop y rap regio Ernesto Arizpe Gonzalez, a.k.a. Neto Reyno, quién tambien formaba parte de ‘Soldados del Reyno’, contaba con una trayectoria de más de 20 años rapeando, graffiteando y produciendo beats. QEPD


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