How did Moses J. Moseley die at 31? Cause of death revealed

How did Moses J. Moseley die at 31 Is this a Suicide or a Murder

The Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley cause of death

How did Moses Moseley die: The cause of death of The Walking Dead star Moses J. Moseley has been disclosed about two months after his death in late January. However, it raises more questions than it answers.

Moseley died from a gunshot wound to the head, according to a death certificate acquired by both E! News and TMZ, after his body was discovered inside his car in an Atlanta parking lot. Authorities have not been able to identify whether the 31-year-old died as a result of suicide, homicide, or an accident.

Moses J. Moseley, who played one of Michonne’s zombies in “The Walking Dead,” died at the age of 31… and detectives are looking into the circumstances of his death.

Moses’ body was discovered Wednesday at the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge, GA, according to a family member… the bridge crosses a freeway. According to our sources, an inquiry is underway into how the young actor’s body got up in the region, as well as whether or not foul play was involved.

Moses has not been heard from since Sunday of last week, according to a family member. They tried calling hospitals but to no effect. 

They filed a missing person’s report on Wednesday morning. They immediately phoned OnStar, who tracked the vehicle, and his body was recovered there.

Moses died of a gunshot wound, according to a family member, but detectives are still trying to figure out who fired the shot.

Moses got his big break as one of Michonne’s zombies that followed her around on “The Walking Dead” from 2012 to 2015. He also appeared on HBO’s “Watchmen” and in 2013’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

In 2012, he was featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Tabatha Minchew, Moseley’s manager, adds “Everyone who met him adored him. Everyone’s eyes were filled with such dazzling light.”


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How did Moses Moseley die at 31? Is this a Suicide or a Murder?

Since 2010, Moses has started modelling. He didn’t start really pursuing his modelling and acting goals until he achieved his target weight. He tipped the scales at 300 pounds when he was 16 years old. He shed nearly 150 pounds in two years via diet and training, and his ambitions of being a model and actor became a reality. Moses had his first taste of fame when he walked out of his Georgia State class. A casting director approached him and requested him to feature in the film “Magic Eye.” Moses is most known for his portrayal as Michonne’s iconic pet zombie on the television programme The Walking Dead, as well as his appearance on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. 

Necessary Roughness, Resurrection, The Internship, Single Ladies, “42”, Trouble with the Curve, and Second Generation Wayne’s are just a few of the television episodes and movies in which he has appeared.

Moseley, who played on The Walking Dead from 2012 to 2015, uses social media to keep his fans up to date and offer motivational quotations. On January 13, he said on Facebook, “You’re at your most powerful when you decide to feel wonderful for no reason.


” Moseley posted one final Instagram post on January 21. He captioned two split photographs of himself with, “I’m late but here’s my #10yearchallenge #instagood.”

Now lets come to real question How did Moses J. Moseley die at 31? Is this a Suicide or a Murder?

As I said earlier, According to a family member, Moses has not been heard from since last Sunday. They attempted to contact hospitals but were unsuccessful.

On Wednesday morning, they filed a missing person’s report. They quickly contacted OnStar, who located the vehicle and retrieved his corpse.

According to a family member, Moses died of a gunshot wound, but authorities are still attempting to figure out who fired the shot.

Because of the wound direction and the fact that only he can shoot himself in that position, authorities believe it was a suicide. According to them, 80% of the time it’s a suicide and 20% of the time it’s a murder.

But they’re still looking around every corner to see if it’s a suicide or a murder. Lets see how will this case turn to be…

Hope you found answer for How did Moses Moseley die.

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