Kyivstar Network Failure left Ukrainians without money, communications and Internet – What is happening?

A large scale failure has occurred in the Kyivstar Network, Subscribers are promised compensation


Kyivstar Network Failure: On the morning of February 3, a failure occurred in the operation of the Kyivstar mobile operator. Subscribers could not make and receive calls, there were problems with access to the site.

When trying to make a call, the subscriber heard a message that there were not enough funds on his account. There was also no possibility to check the status of the account – the verification code *111# did not work. It was impossible to enter the personal account of the “My Kyivstar” application. Mobile internet works.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., telephone service was restored. Kyivstar reported temporary difficulties for some prepaid customers when making calls to the network and to number 466. The company provided compensation for subscribers who encountered a failure, they will be calculated automatically.


Subscribers of the mobile operator “Kyivstar” massively complain about the inability to make calls.

They leave relevant messages on the company’s Facebook page.


Kyivstar Network Failure: What happened?

Complaints come from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. Users claim that the operator informs them of allegedly insufficient funds in the account, some had problems when trying to contact support.


What did the “KyivstarCompany say?

Responding to complaints, the operator’s representatives confirmed the problem in the morning and apologized for the inconvenience.

In the service center of Kyivstar, a correspondent was confirmed that there had been a failure. They assure that all the money that customers put into their accounts will be credited immediately after the problem is fixed. Whether this failure is a technical failure or a hacker attack, the service center could not answer.

“This morning, part of the prepaid subscribers encountered difficulties when using the call service on the network. The company’s specialists immediately began to work to eliminate the technical problem, and services were resumed at 10:30 am. The company apologizes to subscribers who encountered inconvenience due to this situation. They will be automatically compensated for the time when they could not fully use mobile communications,” Kyivstar later said in a comment.


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