How did Jason Myers die? Meteorologist cause of death Explained

Jason Myers cause of death

Jason Myers, a WBTV meteorologist was one among the two who were killed in the accident on Tuesday, according to WBTV. Let’s see how did Meteorologist and pilot die and Jason Myers cause of death in detail.

How did the  Meteorologist and pilot die?

After falling away from a dangerous freeway on Tuesday, a Charlotte news station helicopter pilot is being hailed a hero by authorities in North Carolina’s largest city.

Pilot Chip Tayag and meteorologist Jason Myers were confirmed by WBTV as being among the deceased. The helicopter crash happened along Interstate 77 in the city’s Yorkmount neighborhood, which is situated about six miles southwest of downtown Charlotte.

No automobiles were engaged in the incident, according to the police. According to WBTV, Jason Myers, a former chief meteorologist for ABC 36, was one of the two fatalities in a helicopter crash in North Carolina on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Myers joined ABC 36 in April 2013 and served as the station’s chief meteorologist for more than six years.
He was employed for WBTV as a meteorologist at the time of the accident.

The death statement reads, “The WBTV family is grieving a terrible loss. Our news helicopter Sky3 crashed mid-day Tuesday with two of our colleagues on board. Meteorologist Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag lost their lives. We are working to comfort their families in this difficult time. We appreciate the outpouring of support for our staff and your continued prayers for their families,” WBTV said in a statement.

According to Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department Chief Johnny Jennings, the helicopter pilot looked to have done everything possible to avoid colliding with automobiles on the freeway.


Jason Myers cause of death:

Myers and Sky3 pilot Chip Tayag perished in a helicopter collision early on Tuesday afternoon, November 22, 2022. The collision reportedly happened close to Interstate 77 around noon at the Nations Ford Road exit in North Carolina with Myers and Tayag pronounced declared died on the scene.

The witness told, “I think that he absolutely knew that he was gonna have to put that down,” the witness told. “He did his best to put it down. Whoever the pilot was, did their best to put that thing down where it wasn’t going to injure a lot of people, and in that respect, they did a fabulous job.”

Jason Myers death

ABC 36 General Manager’s statement reads, “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loving community. He will always have a piece of our hearts here at ABC. “It comes with terrible sadness to hear the news of Jason Myers passing. Jason was a meteorologist for our WTVQ – ABC 36 News team for six years and we enjoyed every minute of our time together. At this time of Thanksgiving, please wrap your prayers and thoughts around the Myers family as we remember a man gone too soon,” ABC 36 General Manager Chris Aldridge said.


Who was Jason Myers from WBTV?

According to his WBTV bio, Jason Myers was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, and grew up watching WBTV. He obtained a BS in Meteorology with a Communication Concentration from North Carolina State University. He worked as a weather observer at Raleigh-Durham International Airport before beginning his broadcast meteorology career. Jason married Jillian, a childhood friend, and the couple has four children.

Jason Myers

Myers started working in broadcast meteorology at KRBC-TV in Abilene, Texas, and later moved on to WRIC-TV in Richmond, Virginia. Prior to joining WBTV, Myers served as the station’s top meteorologist at Lexington, Kentucky’s WTVQ from 2013 until 2019.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are conducting an investigation. Tayag, who had more than 20 years of flying experience, was hailed as a hero by Jennings. The helicopter was a Robinson R44, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Myers’ last Instagram post:

On November 2, Myers gave a note he had received from his daughter and some leftover Halloween candy.
He posted on Instagram, saying, “This literally made my day, to see this surprise from my daughter in my lunchbox today.”

“It was also a great reminder to me, about the importance of thoughtfulness and being thankful.”

Lydia Myers wrote in her father’s handwritten note, “Dad, I love you very much! Have a great day! And a wonderful Wednesday!”

The pleased father additionally shared a picture of his family taken on a trip to Savannah, Georgia, which included his wife Jillian, Lydia, and Luke. “Such a fun weekend trip to Savannah, GA!” he wrote.

Tributes to Jason Myers:

Charlotte FC tweeted,

Our thoughts are with our friends at WBTV on the loss of Jason Myers and Chip Tayag. We will have a moment of silence at tonight’s Tree Lighting in their honor.

Chief Jennings tweeted,

Our friends at @WBTV_News are in our thoughts and prayers. I know Chip and Jason were valued team members and we mourn with you during this tragedy. What an unimaginable loss during what’s typically a season of togetherness. We’re here to support the WBTV team and their families.

Maddie Gardner posted,

Tonight every member of the WBTV News family, both past and present, is grieving the loss of Jason Myers and Chip Tayag. This hurts.

Jason Myers was the epitome of positive energy. He is friendly, kind, willing to help person. He was a man of faith – strong faith – and you could see the love of God shine through him. Jason went out of his way to make other people’s days better, easier, and happier. His family was his world and my heart breaks for his wife and four children who I heard so much about every time I worked with Jason. The world was better because of him.

Chip was so much fun. I had long-dreamed of flying in Sky3 (even as an intern) and was over the moon during my first flight last year with him. It was over the Christmas lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Chip matched my energy in the air. We sang Christmas carols, talked about our lives, about his wife and family, and he laughed at all of my ridiculous questions. Little did we know, the entire newsroom could hear our shenanigans. The new girl (me) didn’t know she had to switch the microphones off. Chip never let me make that mistake again.

Tonight I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding for their families and friends. I ask that you join me. They will be deeply missed.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas posted,

It’s a dark day for the families of meteorologist Jason Myers and Chip Tayag as we have lost both of them in a devastating Sky 3 helicopter crash.

Most of you know that Jason and I were very close as we worked hand in glove with each other for the 18 months leading up to my retirement at the end of 2021.

We were much more than coworkers as Jason and I spent quality time together as true friends outside of work, and I was blessed to get to know his wonderful wife and his beautiful four children who now survive him.

Jason was every bit a man of the community as he appeared on TV. I never saw Jason having a bad day. His deep faith in the Good Lord Jesus Christ was evident every minute of every day – he led by example, he never had to say a word.

Jason I have two words for you: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Vickie and I have just returned from the Myer’s home and to state the obvious, they are in great need of your prayers during this horrific period.

For those of you not sure who Jason is, from left to right in this picture are Jason, Eric, Al Conklin, Leigh Brock and Rachal Coulter.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.

John Carter WBTV posted,

In case you havent heard by now…a very sad day at WBTV today as we lost two wonderful family members. Pilot Chip Tayag and meteorologist Jason Myers were killed today when Sky 3 crashed due to unknown causes. Chip and Jason were two of the finest people you could ever meet. I appreciate all your messages of support. Please keep the families of Chip and Jason in your thoughts and prayers.

Jessica White Webb posted,

Totally devastated to learn of this tragedy today. There truly are no words to describe these situations and they are never easy. This one hits so hard. Jason Myers was a wonderful childhood friend – who also happened to be the son of my childhood pastor. I remember when Jason and his family moved to Sherrills Ford just before 5th grade….initially not thrilled to have boys moving into the parsonage where I had previously played with the prior pastors granddaughters! But, very quickly, they fit right in! One of the most wonderful families. So many church and childhood memories include Jason and his family. Integral parts of my youth into high school. His huge smile and wonderful personality will make this hard for so many to comprehend. Please surround his family and all who knew him in prayer in the days ahead!


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